Servicing Of Car Air Conditioning System

car air conditioning

Air conditioned cars are very common these days and you will rarely come across a car which does not have this necessary feature.  Car air conditioning system serves a dual purpose owing to extreme weather conditions during winters and summers. This might increase the cost of the car a little bit but is definitely a ‘necessity’. Having an air conditioner means servicing the same at regular intervals to avoid sudden break down.

Regular Servicing and maintenance of your car air conditioner is essential due to many factors, some of which are:

  1. A weak compressor may not cool the car efficiently leading to pressure problems. Servicing can detect the pressure problem and set it right.
  1. There are chances that the car air conditioning system smells after a certain amount of time. This is due to the growth of bacteria, fungus or microbes inside the core of the evaporator. The moist environment helps these organisms to multiply. Most manufacturers tend to downsize the components, saving on weight and space, which can be one cause of this problem. Regular maintenance can ensure that the owner does not face this problem and the circulation of air is fresh and clean.
  1. There are many instances when the air conditioner is unable to provide the cold air which might be due to multiple reasons like
  • A clogged refrigerant hose or a clog in the tube for expansion
  • A leak which is caused by the failing of the component, hose, seal or the o-ring.
  • A damaged condenser or evaporator
  • A failed control module, relay, switch, and fuse, solenoid or the blend door.

Leaks can damage the car air conditioning system, however if detected, early it can save on major expenses. Regular servicing can help you avoid this problem.

  1. Servicing looks into the fluid level of the AC in your car and can replenish the same to the right level. This can help in preventing the failure of the compressor or the condenser, which may add to repair expenses.
  1. Servicing this on a regular basis ensures that the refrigerant is full without any leaks, tested and recharged in accordance to the requirement specified by the manufacturer.
  1. There are chances of the A/C compressor either failing or leaking due to excessive use. In case of the compressor running low on oil there is a possibility of the seal in the interior failing, which might require a new unit, which is not very cheap. Regular maintenance can avoid this problem which can be considered as ‘major’.

Servicing Of Car Air Conditioning System

Choosing the Apt Service Centre for Car Air Conditioning Systems

A service center which has enough experience and knowledge of the car’s air conditioning systems will be able to detect

  • Any leaks by running a black-light over the system to make sure there is no dye shown up.
  • Use a ‘sniffer’, which is a special device, to detect chemical components or leak in the refrigerant
  • Ensure that the air which flows is free from contaminants so that you get undiluted and clean air.
  • Clean the evaporator and rid it from mold and mildew.
  • Ensure that your car air conditioning system is not using excessive fuel, either petrol or diesel, while running that may impact the average of your car as well.

Before you opt for a specific service center make sure to find out how the servicing of the air conditioner in your car will be done and also discuss any problems you are facing with your car air conditioningsystem.