Sedans vs. SUVs: A Comparison Guide

If you plan to buy a new car and consider a crossover or SUV contrasting them to sedans then you need to very carefully consider benefits of each vehicle type. Think about your lifestyle, the desire for specific features of your new car and undoubtedly the needs that must be fulfilled. After the careful consideration consider pros and cons of both sedans and SUVs which are described below.

Sedans vs. SUVs: A Comparison Guide

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sedans:

First of all, we would like to give an example of a classic sedan – Hyundai Elantra. This type of vehicles was designed for city roads. As a rule, sedans have pretty low ground clearance so they are very easy to get in and out of. Furthermore, most sedans have also low gravity center and so the risk of rolling over is significantly lower; as a result sedans are much safer that SUVs. Sedans also have lower market cost along with the cost of insurance and maintenance needs for them. Sedans have much better fuel economy if compared to their larger counterparts as represented by SUVs. The disadvantage of sedans is their lack of nicely sporty image. Sedans also tend to have smaller cargo space and being less spacious than SUVs. They have less weight and smaller volumes so the fuel economy of sedans is much higher than of SUVs. As these vehicles are lower they also have lower seating position which results in less visibility.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SUVs:  

SUVs were designed as more fashionable cars with more luxurious features and much more interesting design of both cabin and interior. Apart from very attractive look they are also very flexible and reliable. SUVs are created with a number of safety features to ensure comfortable driving. The great advantage of SUVs is that they can accommodate from 5 to 9 passengers at a time. They are large in size and weight so they are perfectly capable of towing and hauling large loads. SUVs have much higher ground clearance if compared to sedans so they are a perfect match for off-road driving. Owing to the higher seating position of a driver they also offer increased visibility. As a rule, they have optional all-wheel driving option to endure and simplify driving regardless of the weather conditions and terrain type.

SUVs in general are much more powerful than sedans. If you can click to check Ford Escape reviews, for instance, you will see that experts explain that these vehicles are great for adventurous people who are in love with outdoor trips. Due to higher clearance the gravity center is higher in SUVs which increases their rolling over rates. The main disadvantage of SUVs is obvious, because of the larger size they are less maneuverable and also harder to park in cites. Sedans are much smoother to drive because SUVs are higher above the ground. Fuel efficiency of SUVs is also lower if compared to sedans because of the larger size of these vehicles.

When selecting any car for purchase, keep your budget and driving needs in mind. You should also test drive several models of both sedans and SUVs and choose a vehicle that’s ideal for you.