Prevention Is The Best Acne Scar Treatment

Preventative care to avoid acne is truly the best way to get rid of acne scars because they won’t be there in the first place. That may seem a bit obvious and rude, but it should incite thinking ahead. You actually do want to take excellent care of your skin and treat it well, especially on the face, which has some of the thinnest skin in the body. By using natural facial cleansers regularly and maintaining hygiene and a healthy diet, less acne will form or it may even go away completely and this definitely needs fewer scars.


What not to do

We don’t know who will develop acne or who will develop scarring from acne or to what severity they will develop the scarring. Certain practices, actions, and activities can definitely increase the chances of developing acne scars and make existing scars worse in very different ways. The point is brought right back around to prevention because even if you already have acne scarring, the best acne skin treatment is to follow some points in order to avoid further scarring or worsening of the scars.

Don’t avoid getting professional acne treatment because you want to try a “natural method.” Natural treatments do exist, but they need to be coordinated by a professional as well. There is no miracle cure for acne. You can choose to go to a regular dermatologist or you can choose to go to one who practices natural medicine. That is your decision, but it is essential to start treating acne as soon as possible in order to avoid shallow and deep scarring.

Avoiding the latest acne scar treatments due to horror stories you may have heard about older methods is not going to help! Now the treatments are much more refined and gentle. As far as actual scarring goes, there are even ways dermatologists can help with that in a non-invasive manner. Truthfully, just 20 years ago, acne treatment was rather harsh with many terrible side effects and much of society has not exactly recovered from that. If over-the-counter treatments do not help at all, seek professional medical help.

What you can do

First, you can start by calming down and cutting your stress. The scars are not going to disappear by fretting over the issue. In fact, much of what you may consider to be acne scars are actually something called “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.” When the skin is healing from an acne wound, there may be a small reddish patch there for some time. One very simple solution to getting rid of these red spots is to use over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream just on those spots. There are also countermeasures to this, such as using products that make use of hydroquinone, which helps in fading dark spots caused by a number of skin conditions.

The sun is another factor to consider. In order to reduce the chances of developing acne scars, it is important to consistently use a high SPF, waterproof sunscreen several times daily when you are exposed to the sun. Sun exposure makes scars become darker, more of a brownish color. Excessive sun exposure may also make scarring worse.