Natural Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Facial Waxing

As you probably know, waxing is a pretty effective way to remove unwanted hair. Waxing is performed using a strip and wax which is applied on the hair and then pulled off to remove it from its root. Waxing treatments range from a full body wax, to arm, arm-pit, leg, bikini wax or facial waxing.

Facial waxing is extremely popular, largely due to the fact it is reasonably cheap, convenient, and (relatively) pain-free.

It’s also popular as it comes with a reasonably low risk of complication. There’s really not that much that can go wrong during a waxing. We’re quite sure that claims involving waxing aren’t what’s keeping cosmetic surgery solicitors going, put it that way.

However, though the risk is low, preparing your skin for waxing is an important first step in the process. If the skin isn’t efficiently prepped, you’ll be at more risk of developing ingrown hairs or pimples, so it’s best to follow these very simple tips in order to avoid this.

Check it

Always be sure to check for any signs of irritation, sunburn or breakouts pre-wax. If you so find any areas at all that seem distressed, treat them and wait until they are fully healed before waxing. You should also check the length of the facial hair prior to the waxing. For body hair, the best length for waxing is generally 1/2 of an inch, but for very fine hair like women’s facial hair, it can be a little shorter than this.

Scrub it

When it comes to your face, you probably down want to scrub it too much, as this can cause irritations. However, it is a good idea to give you skin a gentle exfoliation prior to getting your wax. This will remove any dead skin and ensure you get the best result possible. It will also reduce the risk of any ingrown hairs.

Moisturise it

Waxing will dry out you skin, which is particularly problematic when it comes to the face. A dry face can be really uncomfortable and irritating. A good idea in to apple a nice layer of moisturiser onto the skin the night before a wax. You should also consider drinking plenty of water to ensure your skin isn’t dehydrated.

It’s a good idea to remember that if you are performing the wax on yourself, that if you wax the same area too many times in one session it can redden the skin and lead to boils – so be careful! Try taking vitamins and minerals to keep your skin as healthy and flourishing as possible! Do you have any more tips and tricks for preparing your skin for facial waxing? Comment below!