Latest Trends In Advanced Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

To protect the users and corporate information across every device and application, endpoint security plays a major role in providing protection to your data by providing ransom protection, encryption device control, anti-malware, memory inspection, data loss prevention, vulnerability scanner, browser exploit protection, web threat protection and more. These threats may result in data breaches, bad press and penalties.

As prevention is better than cure, similarly, Endpoint Protection manages and controls your network from potential threat. With Promisec, get the complete visibility of all your files, processes, network connections, registries, etc across all of your endpoints so to ensure the continuous running environment without any threat at your endpoint.

Latest trends identified and tested in Advanced Endpoint Protection

Some of the latest trends that are integrated and tested in the advanced endpoint security tools to protect you and your organization.

No longer virus signature: Now with the help of unique signature, creating a virus is just to play by kids as the advanced endpoint protection products make use of security that provide reports on the latest attacks and also manage online reputation. So the endpoint security tools are very effective in detecting latest attack trends.

Tracking executable programs used in an organization: The hackers are able to determine which applications are used in an organization that has a very bad impact on your business. But thanks to today’s advanced endpoint protection as they look at the effects on the endpoint that attacker tried to create like if there’s any file which is missing or any changes made to the Windows registry etc. So this prevents malicious users from gaining control over tour computer.

Credential Spoofing: When the attacker tries to gain unauthorized access to user’s system by pretending as an authorized user. By this they can easily gain valuable information from your computer. But the endpoint security tool prevents spoofing.

Harmful effects of internal threats: The reason for the failure of traditional antivirus security is that the insider threats are harmful and blocking them is very essential as they gain access to your internal network. To block this kind of threat, today’s protection tool map the internal network so that you can easily track down the working of your network and control it accordingly.

Data extrusion: Also known as data exfiltration or theft, that involves different techniques to transfer or retrieve data from your computer in an unauthorized way. This malicious activity is very popular nowadays. The tools that track these kinds of theft are very useful.

Big-data and Cloud-based analytical tool: Advanced endpoint protection tools are using Big data and cloud-based analytics to track, identify and block the potential attacker.

Attack reporting standards: Some of the effective frameworks like OpenIOC, CEF, and STIX are integrated in the advanced endpoint security tools that quickly detect and respond and contains the targeted attacks.

At Promisec, you can experience the variety of Endpoint Management platforms that can meet your business requirements. Our aim is to help organizations to protect their corporate users and information from the potential threats and attacks.