How To Write A Movie Review?

Writing a movie review can be fun in website content writing. We all love watching films and at a time, we may want to know the opinion of other people about a particular movie before making a final decision of watching that movie or not. Therefore, writing an article about a movie that you have watched before is going to help others in decision making. This article focuses on some of the tips on How to write a movie review essay.

Everyone is having a diverse opinion about a certain film. Writing a review is a way of expressing a personal opinion so as to help other know about the same. Some of the tips include;

1. Watching the Movie

You must watch it fist before you start writing content. You can watch the film online or watch it on your DVD; you can as well visit the nearest multi-complex. Many websites allow you to stream movie content online.

2. Get Acquainted with the Movie Theme

This is very important. Just go online and try to gather some basic information about actors in a movie. Check out their previous work as well as their upcoming work. Check to see if they have any award in their name. Also, check to ascertain if their expertise in a particular style of acting. Try to read what the movie entails; is the movie a remake or a sequel, check the rest of the cast. This information is vital as it is going to help you make a comparison of the cast and crew performance in a movie of your choice. This is critical since it is what is going to provide more solidity to the article writing for a more comprehensive review.

3. Form an opinion about the Movie

Once you have seen the movie ultimately, you can come up with an opinion. Try and frame a single sentence which is going to highlight your opinion about the movie. This is a sentence that is going to assist you in coming up with an overall opinion of the movie. The sentence will guide you in giving a rating to that film and at the same time make your readers have an instant idea on your opinion. Such sentences are what are going to form a solid platform for your reviews.

While content writing your review, it is important for you to ensure you grab the attention of all readers. This applies to all website content writing services. Your readers should be in a position of drawing interest from what you say about anything. If possible, start your review with a quote from that movie. Then proceed gradually to inform your readers how the quote applies to the rest of the film.

4. Discuss the Movie

You should do this in a brief manner. Give a vague outline without disclosing the entire story. Just give a general idea to the reader. Do not write to make the reader refrain from watching it. If the reader wants to have the entire story, then he or she will end up watching it. You should always have this in mind before reviewing an article.

5. Back your opinion with Proofs

You must in a position of backing your opinion with proofs. You should explain why the movie is a hit or a drag. Try and mention the noteworthy scenes and those that may not be necessary. Do not forget to mention about the script of the movie. Give an opinion whether the script is bad or good.


Your movie review should be enjoyable. A good movie review essay should be informative, entertaining and persuading. You should provide your original opinion without giving too much of the plot. It does not matter whether you enjoyed or you did not. The article writing must be engrossing. The review should be interesting from the beginning to the end. It should be brief as well. Please, be honest with your content. Your main motive of writing the content should be to let other people know your opinion and not to stop people from watching the movie. So write a good review.

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