In this new age of technology, many companies are adopting to advertise their job vacancies online. This means that job seekers would also have to go online to hunt for these advertised jobs, and possibly apply for them online as well. Those who have made online applications will most certainly tell you that it is agonizing when you keep checking your mail for a reply. Most people do not get replies to their online job applications.


This may be partly due to the fact that online job advertisements are seen by many people, compared to an advertisement that is placed either on paper or on the company’s notice board. This will thus lead to may people applying for the job. The CV screening process is tough, and only the best candidates get picked. Since your CV or Resume will be the only point of contact between you and an interview, you must do all you can to let your documents represent you as best as possible. So how can you go about applying for a job online?


Most job vacancies posted online will have a job description. You must read this description thoroughly prior to sending your CV or resume. The job description will help you know whether you can do the job or not. It is a fact that many people apply for jobs that they are not qualified for. This lot makes up the bulk of CVs most recruiters get. To make yourself stand out from the rest, make sure to thoroughly read the job description and only apply when what you have closely matches what is being asked for.


If your qualifications fit what the company is looking for, it is then time for you to prepare your CV. Many people also fail in this part. They fail when their CV is not updated, and when they use the same CV to apply for every job that they seem to be qualified for. Here is where the importance of reading the job description comes in.

The job description will tell you exactly what the company is looking for. For instance, if you visit the Forever 21 jobs to look for an opening, you will find that most job openings have a description. When writing your cover letter, make sure that you describe how your skills and experience will fit in with what the job description is asking for. This will greatly increase chances of your CV getting a chance with the recruiters.

When it comes to the CV, tailor it to meet the needs of the job vacancy. Remove any details that may be irrelevant to the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a Forever 21 application that states that applicants with prior experience of working in retail will be given prior considerations, let this reflect in your CV.


It is also very important to proof read both your cover letter and CV. Some CVs get tossed due to poor grammar and spelling errors. Be sure to read your cover letter through at least twice to make sure that everything is correct.

One thing that you’ll need to remember when you go online for an application careers advertised is that apart from updating your CV and Cover Letter, you should also update your social profile. This is your LinkedIn profile, and any other professional profiles you may have. The recruiters would probably search for you online and check whether it is wise to call you for an interview or not. Imagine a situation where your LinkedIn profile shows that you are currently working somewhere when in fact, you left work at that place a year ago. The timing for an interview or job offer may be halted, all due to your not updating your social profile.