How To Find A Good Drug Rehab

How To Find A Good Drug Rehab

Drug rehab or drug rehabilitation is the collective term used for the psychotherapeutic or medical treatment given to a person for his/ her dependency on drugs that are psychoactive, such as prescription drugs, street drugs including cocaine, amphetamines, heroin; and alcohol. We usually look around for drug rehab centers, especially if our loved one needs to quit any such substance whose abuse is hampering their life. However, we often get confused about choosing the right kind of drug rehab center since we do not know what we should look for. You can consult this guide to know what is required for the rehabilitation of individuals depending on their needs.

How To Find A Good Drug Rehab

Communicate with the members of recovery community

Members of the recovery community can provide you with the true insider information. You can ask them about the sobriety of recovering members in the long term. The people living there also know about the real reputation of the rehabilitation center.

Beware of health insurance frauds

Some drug rehab centers prescribe psychiatric medications to the patients right when they are inducted, sexual encounters occur at co-ed centers, or the patients are discharged unexpectedly sooner when the insurance company decides to reject the claims. It is very unfortunate but common for profit seeking large rehabs to lure vulnerable families into believing the health insurance. When the patient is admitted, you have to sign a monetary agreement. In case, the insurance company denies you claim, the loved one is instantly discharged unless a large sum of money is deposited. You must triple check for the reputation of a rehab before signing up for it.

How to contact an insider from the recovery community

The first thing is to consult your near and dear ones if they are in touch with someone with sober attitude for minimum one year. You can find an open meeting attended by anonymous alcoholics. You can also call the local Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office hotline to ask for any of their highly regarded contacts in your region. If you are comfortable, you can meet the family groups of alcohol – anonymous and share your concerns and questions with them. Attend an event of recovery community to obtain information about the recovering members. The information about alcoholics anonymous is available on their website. You can also call the hotline for alcoholics anonymous.

What you should ask the insider of a recovery community

If you happen to meet a member of recovery community who has been sober for long term or a reputed member of Alcoholics Anonymous group, you can ask them the following questions to learn about a trustworthy drug rehabilitation center:

  • Do you know about any treatment center in this area that has good reputation/
  • Do you know about someone who had an appalling experience at any facility?
  • Are you aware of anyone working in this industry? If they respond positively, you can ask about what the employee has to say regarding their organization. Have they ever said anything negatively about it?
  • Can you bring me in contact with an admissions coordinator who does not work on commission? (Since most admission coordinators take commission from the rehabs, they are likely to be deceptive and manipulative)
  • Do you know someone who speaks in high regard about a certain organization?