How To Boost Your Business In China?

Baidu is the top rated and most famous search engine in China because it has most probably 60 % of the entire country’s market share. Robin Li & Eric Xu are the two founders of this popular search engine on January 18, 2000. Currently, it is ranked as the top 5th search engine in worldwide and 1st option in the China. At the same time, it is the first company to be added in the NASDAQ 100 index conducted in December, 2007.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually a process of obtaining more internet traffic or potential visitors to the particular website on the search engines in order to get the top ranking in the results of the search engine. In order to give the maximum online visibility to the web pages, seo is the most common and widely used online marketing technology to rank the websites on the first page result of the popular search engines. Some of the major and famous search engines worldwide will be Yahoo, Google, Baidu, Bing, and all to give top search results to the websites.

How Baidu SEO differs from Google SEO

Google and Baidu are the different search engines on the web. They are using the different ways to rank the websites on the search results. These two popular search engines have various objectives and techniques for this purpose. When investing in China to start a new business, it is vital to understand and study the Baidu SEO and how it mastered Google SEO.

Baidu & Bing

As the Google search engine exits from China because of the censorship problems, Baidu has reached the top level in the Chinese search engine market. But the Bing search engine from Microsoft is still there in China for the past few decades and it holds nearly 2 % of market share. Recently, there is an announced released that these two companies which are Bing and Baidu decided to have partnership. By this way, there will be some of the search results found on the Baidu will be displayed in Bing and also vice versa.

Baidu SEO

In order to be successful in the China based business, it is vital to get the higher rankings on the Baidu search results. SEO on Baidu search engine works well for the long term strategy but for your short term goals to get higher ranking.

Homepage/website and sitemap links in Baidu

For the best Baidu SEO, a website submission on this platform is very important to get indexed. It is also necessary to submit the website, links for your homepage and sitemap to increase the visibility.

A website in China

Baidu search engine prioritizes cent percent Chinese based business websites with the main selling feature as the index easy Chinese characters. Baidu also likes to add popular and large sites with the regular updates and refreshed contents.

Website hosting in China

The websites hosted in other countries instead of China actually have slower loading time than China hosted websites. Baidu provides some penalties to the sites hosted from some other countries.

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