Galaxy S8 Details: This Might Be Samsung’s Secret Weapon

Galaxy S8 Details This Might Be Samsung's Secret Weapon

Galaxy Note 7 phablets still sitting in Samsung’s warehouse. Samsung Galaxy S8 has design with curved display. It will feature a 4K resolution, Galaxy S8 will come with a toughened glass. It will remove the headphone jack and go all-in on a USB-C audio. Galaxy S7 Edge presented itself as the best selling smartphone in 2016. Korean company planning to offer two variants, One sports a  5.1-inch and other has design with 5.5-inch display.

Galaxy S8 Details This Might Be Samsung's Secret Weapon

4K Screen for Virtual Reality

Galaxy S8 will be the first Samsung smartphone equipped with a 4K display. The prospect of a definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels on a 5.1 or 5.5-inch screen may seem crazy, however, the Korean is clearly determined to improve the virtual reality experience on upcoming smartphones. inclyding Corning Gorilla Glass 5.0 glass

Note that this screen is based on the Blue Bio technology that displays only 6% of blue light against 32% for conventional AMOLED panels. A technology designed to protect the user’s eyes that are very close to the smartphone.

Dual Camera Sensor

It, this year, the Korean manufacturer has preferred to focus on quality with a Dual Pixel 12-megapixel photo sensor offering large photosites rather than follow the trend of dual image sensors, next year, The Galaxy S8 expected with a dual camera for 12 + 13 megapixels. The 12 MP sensor is designed by Samsung and the sensor 13 MP Sony, two big names in the photo on mobile.

With a dual sensor, it is of course possible to adjust the depth of field to capture great pictures at night. In addition, after proposing an aperture of f / 1.9 on the S6 and f / 1.7 on the S7, Samsung could improve this part and all combined with a dual camera sensor.

Galaxy S8 Details This Might Be Samsung's Secret Weapon

Other Specs

4K screen, Samsung offer a range worthy of the name, risk incurring criticism from its customers. Galaxy Note 7 powered  a 3,500mAh battery capacity. On the other side S8 expected to come with more power.  However, the first noise suggests that the optimizations are numerous. Engraved in 10 nanometers, It will be equipped with Exynos 8895 processor.  In addition, a recent leak suggests the possibility that this team of a battery of 4200 mAh. which  runs on Android 7.0 Nougat along with an upgraded TouchWiz. It will be available in Black, White, Gold, Silver, Pink Gold colors.

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