Explore The 10 Most Popular Bras

Explore The 10 Most Popular Bras

Today the market is filled with bras of different styles and materials, making you spoilt for choice. But often so much variety is likely to leave you in a confused state. Relax, to help you get familiar with the different styles of bras and its use below is a proper guide.

  1. Balcony bra- it is ideal for most body shapes. As per its name “balcony” it actually offers a balcony to the breasts for being supported by, this is quite flattering. You can wear a balcony bra with most outfits. Above all it is just perfect both underneath a low cut top or a round neck top

  2. Plunge bra- compared to a balcony bra, this is lower towards the front and helps in pushing the breasts together upwards. So a plunge bra is excellent to enhance the cleavage and for low cut or plunging V neck tops this is just the perfect bra

  3. Push-up bra- this type of bra has been specially designed to offer the utmost uplift along with accentuating the cleavage. A push-up bra is a daily type of bra which can be worn below most kinds of outfits

  4. Full coverage bra- this bra as per its name will help in covering the breasts fully and sits higher on the chest, which means the cleavage will not be visible at all. A full coverage bra will be the right choice for women having larger breasts because it is completely enclosed and provides great support, thereby making it the right choice for fuller figure females

  5. Demicup bra- akin to a full coverage bra, but it will not cover the breast fully. It will show more cleavage compared to the full cup bra. It is quite feminine and attractive and can be worn for dressing up or in the evenings

  6. Molded cup bra- this bra has no seams because it is manufactured of one piece of material ,thereby making it ideal to wear underneath any close fitting garment or very thin material

  7. Multi-way bra- this has become a must have in every woman’s drawer mostly because it is highly flexible. Teen bras, large cup size and plus size all are available under the multi-way bra category. The straps can be adjusted to be worn with different forms such as like a standard bra, halter neck style or strapless. This means this bra is perfect for off-shoulder tops, crossover back tops, strapless tops or halter-neck tops

  8. T-shirt bra- this is the perfect summer bra. Its cups are molded as well as without seams thereby making it the right choice to be worn under T-shirts or outfits made of very thin material

  9. Sports bra- this is one of the staple pieces in any lingerie collection. And why not it offers great support yet without wire and manufactured of soft, stretchy material. It means a sports bra is excellent for exercise as well as move along with the wearer thereby making it just perfect for all forms of sports activities such as jogging, aerobics to name a few

  10. Padded bra- imported padded bra is an extremely popular choice when it comes to bras as it will help in enhancing the natural curves of the wearer and provide a great shape. It is extremely comfortable to wear

So which is your bra type?