Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Dressing like your favorite celebrity doesn’t mean you have to imitate their red carpet glamor every day of the year. Use their everyday style as inspiration for your work, school, or lounge outfits on a daily basis. Here are some celebrities whose style is easy to put together and is as recognizable as they are!

Kristen Stewart

Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Kristen Stewart has perfected the streamlined, sexy tomboy. She usually pairs a classy piece, like a chic mini skirt, with a simple item, like a plain, white t-shirt. You can also choose to pair a really feminine outfit, like a lace embellished black romper, with statement sneakers or converse-style flats. Her boyish, laidback look makes her easy to imitate, especially since you never have to smile.

Kim Kardashian West

Channeling your inner Kim generally requires pretty simple inspiration. A bodycon dress that hugs every one of your curves and accentuates your hips is a good basic choice, but deciding on a color is the hard part. Pre-marriage Kim K. loved cheetah print outfits and bold bright colors, yet a more recent look at her wardrobe hints at more classic hues like black, gray, and navy. Even the colors she does wear these days, tend towards the darker and more subdued shades.

Whatever you choose for your Kim Kardashian inspired outfit, make sure to accessorize with some show-stopping heels. You’ll never see Kim Kardashian West without pumps embellished with straps, tassels, fringe, buckles, or lace.

Emma Watson

Even as a young girl, Emma Watson’s style hinted at the simple, modern fashion icon she was becoming. Silk seems to be her favorite material, and minimalist embellishments with creative cuts seem to be her go-to style. Many of her outfits include V-neck, wrap-around tops, so whether you choose skinny jeans or wide pants, top it off with a plunging neckline.

Lupita Nyong’o

This rising star definitely has a signature style. With bold, bright colors and busy patterns creating much of her two piece ensembles, it’s not hard to mimic her outfits. Choose your favorite accent color and make it the center of your wardrobe by adding neutral patterns and prints. For example, red pants perfectly highlight a black and white striped top or polka dotted print. When dressing like Lupita, mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Vanessa Hudgens

If the festival girl look is your favorite, check out Vanessa Hudgens’ daily look. Her hippie chic outfits often include jean shorts, fringe, and lots of dangling jewelry. Gather a collection of shorts from your favorite online boutique and alternate wearing them with crop tops, fringed vests, and backless, patterned tanks. Accessorize with black boots, a long necklace, and a jean jacket tied around your hips to become Vanessa’s twin.

Taylor Swift

Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Taylor Swift definitely has an iconic style many love to emulate. Combining vintage inspired class with glitter and glitz, she creates modern outfits from the best of each decade. Her best outfits are often two-piece looks that include a crop top and an A-line skirt in a matching print. Choose modernized classics, like stripes or polka dots, and unique prints with layered embroidery to really stand out.

Red Carpet Style

While dressing like a celebrity means lots of shopping, when you shop online dress boutiques, you can easily find many of the newest celebrity inspired outfits. Find the sophisticated pieces, original designs, and playful prints you’re looking for online.