City of Unalloyed Pleasure: TOP 8 Museums In Edmonton

Modern Edmonton is a big city that is equal to other big Canadian cities by potential. Edmonton is a place, where the quickness of big cosmopolitan city is closely connected to home warmness. Edmonton is trade and industrial center, the center of ethnic and cultural variety. Edmonton is famous of its parks, natural gardens and architectural monuments, without mentioning museums.

City of Unalloyed Pleasure: TOP 8 Museums In Edmonton

Edmonton Public Schools Archives & Museum

The archive-museum was organized in a school building. The school was founded in 1904 by general governor of Canada by Earl of Minto. The school was built in Romanian style to conduct meetings. Actually, the school played an important role for social, political and educational development. At last, it was closed in 1983. The museum was founded to bring history to future generations.

Museum of Zoology

The museum is situated in a campus of Alberta University, containing more than 30 000 exhibit items in its collection. There is a computer hall and conference-hall in a museum territory. As a general rule, this is the best place for students and researchers. They use information as a material for their works, dissertations. The first floor is occupied with campus, the second – collection of birds, mammalians and library. The third floor is devoted to fish and reptiles.

The Museum of Zoology is really interesting for kids and adults, for everyone, who is down for learning animals and other natural creatures. The museum welcomes you from Monday till Friday at 8.30 a.m. The entrance is free.

City of Unalloyed Pleasure: TOP 8 Museums In Edmonton

Alberta Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum is placed in a big hangar that was built in 1940-1941. Actually, the hangar was predicted to provide aircraft technical support. In the subsequent, the Edmonton Airport was built in this place. The exhibition contains more than 50 plains and other exhibit items, speaking about North Alberta Aviation history. The visitors have a chance to be a real pilot, sitting in an old plane. The museum workers restore old planes to make up the full collection.

The Alberta Railway Museum

The Railway Museum contains the full collection of railway technic. The museum was founded in 1976 by the Railway Association. The collection includes more than 75 kinds of passenger and cargo trains and lines. The main accent is made for wagons and locomotives of Canadian Railway and North Alberta Railway. The museum is the third big railway museum in Canada and first in Alberta.

The Royal Museum of Alberta Province

The Royal Museum is the biggest museum of the North America. It is famous of not only rich and unique collections but interesting lectures and concerts. The museum is situated in Edmonton in the building of modern construction. Look at the window! You can see the marvelous landscapes of the river valley. The museum was founded in 1967. It deserved its Royal rank after the Queen’s visit. The museum was renewed and restored. This is the main city interest for now. It is full of exhibits, speaking about ancient life. You can also learn about rich flora and fauna world. It is always crowded here.

City of Unalloyed Pleasure: TOP 8 Museums In Edmonton

Art Gallery of Alberta

The square of Churchill contains the next interesting city museum – the Art Gallery. The building is surprisingly bright and beautiful. The building was constructed in 1010 according to winning project. You can see more than 6 000 of interesting pictures, installations and sculptures.

Paleontology Museum

This is a small museum that is situated in the University campus. You should come to geology department in a basement level. It is interesting being here. The museum is free. It works till 4 p.m. To get to the museum you should go through the university building. There is a parking, free for all museum visitors. It means that you can easily come here by car, avoiding big crowds in the public transport.

Muttart Conservatory

This is a real city treasure. The locals like visiting this place at least once a month. Every time you come here, you can see something new and interesting. What is more, you may take your kids to have a marvelous adventure in all pyramids. If you are tired, you may have a rest on the nearest bench, enjoying tea and coffee. The program is full of creative little things for all ages. It is equally interesting for kids and adults. Besides, the Conservatory attracts visitors during the year with its special events and concerts.

Want to buy one or two souvenirs? – You are welcomed to do this for a good price. It is surprising, but you are offered to buy special plants and flowers to take care of them at home. Pay attention to cafe – the wide choice of food and drinks. There is another variant: you may take your dinner with you. Enjoy your meal in a big company in the restaurant patio.

After you finished visiting, you may admire nature not far from this place, going to your parking place. Rental car service in Edmonton can help you to find a good car. The parking is comfortably situated in a green area, full of benches, soft grass and flowers. How long do you plan being in Edmonton? Staying in the city for a couple of weeks, you may buy special Muttart ticket, offering the unlimited entrance to Muttart, Edmonton Zoo and Natural Center of John Jansen.

City of Unalloyed Pleasure: TOP 8 Museums In Edmonton

To travel by city you may use buses or trains. The city buses start working at 5 a.m. till midnight. The ticket for 10 tours costs 11 USD. Travelling by train is cheaper. The city trains start working at 5.30 a.m. till the deep night. You may have a ticket for 1 journey or the whole day. You can buy ticket online or at the station. Besides, there are many rental car and bicycle services in the city. The comfortable bicycle tracks go through the city from one side to another. They are available the year round. Of course, it is not a big pleasure to go bicycle in winter. Thus, Edmonton is a city of unalloyed pleasure.