Applying For Canada Visa by USA Tourist Visa & Multiple Entry Visa Consultants

Canada Visa by USA

Has a dream of visiting Canada and thinking about getting a visa? There are many people who want to visit Canada for travelling purpose, business related purpose, visiting family purpose, and many more. So, if you want to visit Canada, you need a legal permission to visit Canada that is called as Visa. You always need a visa when you have to travel to some other country. Therefore, it is important to understand the way to apply for a visa and to look for best consultant who provides you best services.

Steps to get USA B1/B2 Business Visa:

  1. Fill non-immigrant visa application that is available online. Look for the type of visa you are applying and fill the application accordingly.
  2. After you successfully fill an application form, schedule an interview at the US embassy in your country.
  • Pay non refundable fee for scheduling your interview at US Embassy.
  1. Prepare for the interview by gathering all the required documentation such as a valid passport, print out of visa application, photo, fee payment receipt, valid reason for visiting the country, financial ability, etc.
  2. Once you are prepared for an interview, attend the interview in which you will be asked the reason for visiting Canada. It will be decided by the officer that under which category your visa falls.
  3. Once the visa gets approved, pay the visa insurance fees if required.
  • Stay in Canada till the validity of your visa. If you want to extend your stay in Canada, you will have to apply for it before few days of expiry. If the reason is valid, only then you will be allowed to stay in the US.

Looking for best USA Tourist Visa & Multiple Entry Visa Consultants:

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