9 Most Suitable Cities To Launch Your Tech Start-Up!

9 Most Suitable Cities To Launch Your Tech Start-Up!

For any start-ups, three factors i.e. location of start-up, potential stakeholders, and local customers acquires the most concentration of a founder.

Europe is like a home to innovative & prominent start-up hubs like London, Stockholm & Berlin.

But, Tech boom is spreading across central Europe and start-ups are developing outside of the recognized sources for innovation and technology.

For example, Ireland (Future Finance) and Denmark (Trust pilot) have at least one Tech start-up.

Likewise, as per results from the study of SunGard Availability Services, Austin is ranked as number one in most responsive start-up city.

Here is the list of more cities that are considered the best option for Tech start-ups

  1. Denver-Colorado

Denver is in the developing tech cities due to its vast opportunity for tech jobs, higher salary, and reasonable cost of living.

  1. New York-Us

New York City is known for providing massively different business opportunities with complete public safety.

The creative & Tech friendly sectors of New York like Manhattan, Madison Avenue ecosystems and etc. are creating the way for new Internet business set ups.

These factors all combine to make NYC the second highest in this metric for all cities looked at.

  1. Oakland-California

Oakland is one of the best tech hubs due to its high salaries for tech jobs and a flare-up of usual price growth as compared with the market.

  1. Warsaw-Poland

The stronger entrepreneurial history and bigger internal market are the two qualities of the country that makes it better than Slovakia and Czech Republic. The city in Poland-Warsaw is also known as the best city for tech start-ups due to its numerous stories of success such as Wirtualna Polska, Allegro, Nasza Klasa, Live Chat and Onet.

The main hubs over the country include the cities: Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Warsaw. Moreover, the city Warsaw sponsored the most westernized & prime conference-Bitspiration for start-ups in June 2016.

  1. Oslo-Norway

Norway is the World’s richest country and Oslo-its capital is among best cities for start-up hubs.

Despite the fact that Oslo is the most expensive city, the most digitally advanced, early adopter, highly qualified & experienced IT professionals and willingness to pay for new & innovative technologies makes Oslo an exclusive test market.

  1. Atlanta- Georgia

Atlanta is a great choice for IT professionals to start-up tech hubs. The steady level of employment, affordable cost of living, and a great salary package makes Atlanta the friendly city for tech start-ups.

  1. Athens-Greece

Athens- known as the “Cradle of Civilization” is the best city for tech start-ups. The optimistic change in the culture of the business is noticeable in entrepreneurs capturing the competitive edge in related sectors like tech, tourism and etc.

  1. Baltimore- Maryland

The affordable cost of living, slow rate of growth, high salaries for IT professionals, digitally advanced are what make Baltimore the friendly city for tech start-ups. In 2015, the country brought about $1.2 billion acquisitions of data visualization frim-Virtustream.

  1. Provo, Utah

By a thriving culture that promotes start-ups, Provo offers a perfect ecosystem for the entrepreneurs to fulfil their dream of launching a start-up. For the entrepreneurs developing from IT, engineering and other programs, Utah is the 3rd largest city that is home to a picturesque downtown and a dynamic sculpture.

Unfortunately, there is no research or studies found on where starting up is a good idea or could be beneficial for you but, considering some detailed mentioned above, you can think to start your tech start-ups in the mentioned cities/countries.

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