7 Common Mistakes Leading To Blog Failure!

Every day approximately two million blog posts are written. And according to a source majority of these blogs are failures because they get less than 1000 readers/visitors in a month.

Influential readership is the most important factor in blog posts as it is considered to be the main source of increasing knowledge. So getting less than 1000 readers/visitors is ultimately a blog failure.

I have shed light on 7 common mistakes most of the bloggers make and failure is the only option left for them.

7 Common Mistakes Leading To Blog Failure!

  1. Lack Of Planning & Implementation

Proper planning and devotion in executing the plans is the important factor in creating a successful blog. But, mostly bloggers fail to plan properly and set their goals. Planning about the target audience, blog post content, search engine optimization, ways to increase readability along with receiving traffic are the factors ignored by most bloggers and this tends to their blog failure.

  1. Poor Content

The emphasis of an online reader is on right and specific content. But most bloggers fail to create right, specific content. Moreover, lack of appropriate knowledge, bad and non-creative writing style, writing too much content, directing more on different search engines, poor content design, copying content are the reasons behind the poor content and low reader/visitor rate. People usually read the blog posts by skipping the unimportant things and skimming the interesting part of the content. So in this sense, I can say that about 55% of blog readers spend about 15 seconds to read a page and this readability is really low. This graph also explains how people read the content…

  1. Focus On Traffic Instead Of Readability

This most important point is ignored by bloggers and they make a mistake of just getting traffic and set it as their foremost goal to achieve. While the increase in readability, sharing of blog posts, having conversations of blogs is the purpose of content promotion and all these points are not considered as important as traffic for most bloggers and that is why their blog posts fail.

  1. Not Thinking Out Of The Box-Writer’s Block

Not writing creatively is the main mistake that most bloggers make. Lack of ideas of writing differently and creatively is the reason most bloggers leave blogging. Selecting an incorrect niche is also another mistake that creates the condition of writer’s block.

  1. No Involvement In Successful Communities Of Bloggers

As discussed above, influential readership along with traffic are the main factors of consideration in blogging. So, participation in blogger’s forums and communities is helpful in achieving these two factors. But most of the bloggers fail to do this. They think quality content is enough to reach the target audience and don’t get exposure for their blogs by getting involve in best forums like BlogAdda.com, Bloggers.com, Forums.Digitalpoint.com.

  1. Made-For-Adsense (MFA) Blog Website

Adding numerous ads in your website is the most common mistake that bloggers make to get more profits. The majority of bloggers don’t enhance their page, create designs that include more AdSense in-text link ads, banners, and ads and this is the reason behind low reader/visitor rate and blog failure.

  1. Poor Consistency

One of the common mistakes that bloggers make is not updating their blogs within set blogging time. So not consistent in blogging time is the reason behind their low visitor/readership rate and failure to their blog.

Concluding Thoughts…

John Dewey, an educational reformer said about failure that “It is useful, unavoidable and guaranteed part of learning”. And learning from your mistakes is the only way to success. So bloggers should learn from their mistakes, keep tabs with what is up-to-the-minute, change their field accordingly and apply up-to-date strategies in order to succeed as a blogger.

Author Bio

Jennifer is a pro-Blogger and digital marketer at Dissertation Writing Service Firm. In her leisure time, she turns to her personal blog to educate people about different facets of blogging and online marketing. You can contact her on Google Plus.