What To Do When Workman’s Compensation Isn’t Enough

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that employers are required to carry in case their employees get hurt. It is meant to protect employees while also preventing employers from being sued if an accident occurs. Although worker’s compensation can help workers who have minor injuries and require only minimal medical care and little time off from work, the scenario often changes when the injuries are severe enough to require extensive medical treatment and/or they prevent the employee from being able to return to work in a reasonably short period.

What To Do When Workman’s Compensation Isn’t Enough

Most people rely on their total income to cover their financial obligations and to purchase the things they need. Many are surprised and disappointed to learn that worker’s comp only provides a percentage of their normal wages. Because of an injury they received at work, they suddenly find that they are expected to get by on far less money than they are used to.

When Should I See a Work Accident Lawyer?

Attorney Kevin Attkisson explains that seeking compensation for a personal injury can result in recovery for medical bills, normal expenses, punitive wages, and money that will compensate for the employee’s loss of wages. Only if the injury or illness was caused by the neglect of the company that you work for can you file a personal injury claim.

Determining whether you have a work-related injury can be difficult. That’s why it is important to find a good work accident lawyer immediately after you receive the injury. There are differences in state laws that determine whether you have a qualifying injury and what the process for filing a claim should be. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the better he will be able to start collecting pertinent evidence and documentation for your case.

Preparing for the Future

It is difficult to know what the future holds when you receive some types of injuries. Although you may be progressing nicely now, you may learn that you need a different type of treatment in the future. For instance, if physical therapy is not enough to help you recover from a back injury, surgery may be required.

An experienced work accident lawyer has dealt with employees in many industries and has seen a broad range of injuries. They know what the potential outcome may be in spite of your current condition. Settling for worker’s compensation or for any amount that the insurance company might agree to for a personal injury could result in your still having far more debt than you can pay.

It is difficult for anyone to know what to do when they experience something for the first time. Any time you have an injury, even a seemingly minor one, talk to a work accident lawyer right away about your options for filing a work-related personal injury claim. It is better to get as much information as you can and end up not needing it than it is to find yourself in a financial situation down the road that you can’t get out of.

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