Top Weekend Getaways You Can Visit From Pune

Pune is known not an incredible holiday destination, but what is astonishing is the excellent spots in and around Pune that makes up for an awesome weekend getaway. This article discusses the main 5 weekend destinations from Pune.

Top Weekend Getaways You Can Visit From Pune

Pune is one city that has a ton to offer to the adrenaline junkies as it is encompassed by pleasant destinations from all sides. Every one of these destinations are only two or three hours from Pune which makes up for a nice short road trip. If the thought of this intrigues you, here are some of the top weekend getaways from Pune you can visit.


Lonavala is a standout amongst the most popular hill stations in the entire region, and is the go-to place during and after the monsoon seasons, a luxury which most hill stations don’t provide as it is always advised to not visit the hill stations during and just after monsoons. The pleasant scenery and delightful view showcasing the all-encompassing perspective of the entire spot is excellent to take pictures or simply unwind back and appreciate the sheer magnificence of nature and take pictures.


The excellent rich green backwoods and the beautiful lakes and streams makes Rajmachi such a brilliant weekend getaway. There are likewise different verifiable locales you could visit and is a well-known stop among explorers who trek up here, beginning from Lonavala. The two primary attractions of this spot are the Shrivardhan Fort and Manaranjan Fort.


Situated at a separation of 120 km from Pune, Mahabaleshwar is a wonderful slope station with evergreen woodlands encompassed by valleys and edges. There are different spots which make for an awesome cookout spot. On the off chance that you are a foodie, you will begin to look all starry eyed at the lip smacking luxuries made in this spot utilizing strawberries. A ride from Pune to Mahabaleshwar taxicab will take you generally around 3 hours and the short drive, obviously, is delightful.


Found just around 46 km from Pune city, Kamshet is another grand destination with lavish greens and beautiful scene. You can get included in open air exercises like paragliding and trekking. You could likewise sit for flying creature looking as watch the different sorts of delightful transitory fowls that result in these present circumstances place.


Situated around travel 120 km from Pune, Matheran is the littlest slope station in the nation. With more than 30 perspectives where you could get the all-encompassing perspective of the entire locale, this slope station is every now and again gone to by individuals in the urban communities for its grand magnificence as well as for it being a no-contamination zone. Yes, Matheran is sans contamination as it is sans vehicles town.