Top 10 Best Beaches In Maharashtra Including Mumbai

Maharashtra is nestled between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea; enjoying the ultimate bliss of nature. Hence there are numerous beaches scattered throughout the state; locals say there are as many beaches at Maharashtra as the colours of the sea. From thrilling water sports to serenity, these beaches are perfect for any mood.

1. The Peace Hamlet of Harnai-Murud, Ratnagiri

Suvarnadurg Ratnagiri

Escape the hustle of city life this weekend at the fishing villages of Harnai-Murud. Besides being an abode of solace, this sea beach is historical with sea forts of Suvarnadurg, Kanakdurg.

2. The Tranquillity of Velas Beach, Ratnagiri

Velas Beach

This seashore of the Arabian Sea is famous for its turtles. Just relax over the white sand watching the turtles travelling to and fro from the sea hatching eggs. Safeguarded by mountains and shadowed by clusters of coconut trees; the place is known for its pristine beauty.

3. The Spirituality of Ganapatipule Beach, Ratnagiri

Ganapatipule Beach, Ratnagiri

With its sprawling green hills and crystalline waters, Ganapatipule is a magnificent creation of nature. The sound of bells and holy chants from the 400 years old Ganapati Temple on the seashore adds sanctity to the atmosphere. The rock cut idol of ‘Swayambhu,’ Lord Ganesha is another attraction of the shrine. The cuisines of this tiny town are also famous for its spicy sea food. Relish unique fish curries of kokam kadhi or satisfy your sweet tooth with Modak here.

4. The Glamorous Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Tired after a long day of exploring the commercial city of the country? Juhu Beach greets you with all its sparkling sands and wild waves. Located at the heart of Mumbai, the beach is known for its fun loving crowd, crispy chaats and bungalows of celebrities near the seashore. Don’t miss this place during your beach tour.

5. The Exotic Beauty of Shrivardhan Beach, Shrivardhan

Tarkali Beach, Sindhudurg

This beautiful town is visited by tired hearts and minds to rejuvenate themselves. With the greenery of beetle nut trees, red tiled Konkani houses and shades of years old Banyan trees all around, experience the classic ambience of ancient Maharashtra.

6. The Rich Culture of Dahanu Bordi, Mumbai

Dahanu Bordi Beach

Known as one of the tidiest beaches of Mumbai, Dahanu Bordi is a treasure of Maratha art. Visit the tribal villages located near the seashore to deep dive into their simple lifestyle and to check out the extraordinary mural paintings of the clan. Have some fun time tasting the delicious chickoos of the place.

7. The Adventurous Tarkali Beach, Sindhudurg

Tarkali Beach, Sindhudurg

Bask in the warm rays of the sun at the hot and happening sea beach of Tarkali. If you love water sports, this is you appropriate weekend gateway. Travel the mysteries of underwater with snorkelling and scuba diving, as the joyous dolphins and colourful fishes swim round you.

8. The Natural Splendour of Diveagar Beach, Ratnagiri

Diveagar Beach

The glittering sands of Diveagar Beach welcome the visitors to the land of authentic Konkani culture. Rest over the soft sands of the beach as the fiddler crabs crawl from one place to other, sea gulls are seen busy feasting on fish and star fish resting under the sun. The 900 years old statue of Lord Vishnu at the Rupnarayan Temple tour is another attraction of the beach.

9. The Avian Life of Akshi Beach, Alibaug

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

As the blue sky merges with the deep blue sea, numerous migratory birds are seen flying over the Akshi Beach. The Suru trees lining the beach are the temporary shelters for these birds during winters. The beach is popular for its clean water which is also idle for swimming.

10. The Seclusion, Kashid

Want to rekindle your love? The quietness of Kashid Beach beckons you. The massive coastline of the beach has numerous private spots where you can spend some memorable moments with your loved ones.

Kashid Beach

Take the Mumbai Tour this holiday to spend some moments of fun and frolic at the mesmerizing beaches of Maharashtra.