Take A Tour Of The Wildlife Of The Jim Corbett National Park

Do you want to visit the first ever national park of India? Are you interested in visiting the home of more than 580 species of birds and more than 50 species of mammals? Well, then you have to head out to the Jim Corbett National Park in the Nainital district from Uttarakhand.

Take A Tour Of The Wildlife Of The Jim Corbett National Park

This park is close to 521 sq km. Thus, exploring it entirely is close to impossible. But how then do you make sure that you do not miss out the glorious wonders that this park has to offer? Well, there are some Corbett national park packages that you can avail. These packages plan out both your number of days of stay as well as which regions to cover.

Let’s take a look at some of the packages that the Jim Corbett National Park, itself offers:

  1. The Corbett Fun Tour: This tour is of the duration of two days and one night. This tour allows you to cover almost 600 kilometres of the park. This tour begins right from the moment of your arrival at Ramnagar. You will be brought to your resort in the Park, and then, in the afternoon, post-lunch, you can head out to the museum. In the evening, you will be briefed about your wildlife safari the day after, and then, you can turn early for a good night’s rest. You will have to head out for the safari very early the morning after. It is a three hours safari, after which you can come back, have your breakfast and then set out for your next destination!
  2. Corbett Holiday Tour: This tour and travel is a bit longer than the last one since it is one that lasts for 3 days and two nights. You will be picked up from Ramnagar, and then, brought to the resort for lunch and then some time at the museum. The next morning you will get to enjoy a three-hour drive through the wilds before breakfast. You can stroll for the next few hours in the resort swimming pool, and then, in the evening head out to enjoy the banks of the Kosi River. The next morning you will again be taken for a safari ride, and then, you can depart to Ramnagar.
  3. Elephant Safari in Corbett: If you do not want to opt for the jeep safari, then you can go for the elephant safari. In fact, these majestic creatures are believed to be the perfect ones when it comes to spotting wildlife. This is again a tour of one night and two days. You will reach Ramnagar, and then, be taken to the resort like the previous ones. You can spend the rest of the day either by taking a look at the museum or visiting the resort pool. The next morning you will go for the elephant ride through the forests. You will then come back to the resort, have your breakfast and then catch your train from Ramnagar!

These are some of the most compact tours that you can take in order to explore all the wonders that the Park has for us. Just remember to keep your cameras always ready because you never know when you will come across which animal!