Stocks Trends In 2016

The stock market is a way that you can invest your money, while seeing a good payout. The amount that you can make all depends on the current trends, how much you invested and how long you’ve been keeping your money in that account. By watching the trends you are going to be able to better plan on where you are going to want to invest your money. Below are some of the current stock trends in 2016.

Computer Technology  

One area that has been seeing a tremendous amount of growth has been the computer tech field. Many of the major players in this field have been seeing a good amount of growth and have been showing very little signs of slowing down. According to Forbes: Google’s Alphabet has seen a 33% increase in shares while Apple has been able to gain a 43% increase. This trend continues throughout the tech industries with the lowest being Microsoft that has seen only a 19% gain over the last year.

Medical Technology

Medical technology is a field that many investors overlook, but it is also one of those fields that is always seeing development and is always in high demand. While many of the major stocks did see a slight dip in its profits, there has been enough growth to balance out any loss that it may have seen. Most of the growth that has been seen in the medical technology field has been related more to the healthcare sector than it has been anywhere else. Many of the more well known companies have been seeing around a 2% to 7% increase in their overall profits. While Obamacare does impose a 2% tax on this sector, it has been suspended for two years so there is potential in these stocks.


The sector that has been seeing one of the biggest growths has been gold. These stocks did the best over the last season with its performance at the highest it’s been in 30 years. The global aspects of this stock have had a few worried as the major players such as China seeing slow growth rates, but the physical demand for gold has been on the rise. Most of the demand for gold has been coming from the central banks.


The mining industry’s growth has seen some healthy expansion despite the drop in value for certain metals. Many of the larger industries that have focused on updating their current methods, which has allowed for more efficient practices. With the expansion of this industry not showing any sign of slowing down, or showing itself to have a high level of risk, mining investments gives you a few different unique opportunities that you can invest your money in.

These current trends make it so if you where thinking about investing in or diversifying your stocks, now is the time to make a move. So far the markets have been growing a good steady pace across the board. The big industries have continued to boast increases in profits quarterly while also giving investors more options on where they want to throw their money. Certain markets have been struggling but these haven’t had a huge impact on value for stock holders.

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