ORM Services: Maintaining Customer Relationships

There are different types of sales relationships that the online reputation management Los Angeles deals with and most of them operate along a continuum of intimacy or trust. The relationships between salespeople and customers are similar to those relationships you have with your family and friends and it has to do with something called the relationship continuum, which starts which transactional, functional, affiliative, and strategic. Normally business relationships range from transactional, or one-time purchase, to strategic partnerships that are often likened to a marriage. In between there are the functional and affiliative relationships, which would look more, like a friendship.

ORM Services: Maintaining Customer Relationships

When it comes to transactional relationships each sale is a separate exchange and the two parties to it have little or no interest in maintaining an ongoing relationship. This has to do with finding a deal on something that is an essential and you don’t care which company you purchase it from, you simply do business with that company for their good prices.

A functional relation is something more limited, an ongoing relationship that develops when a buyer continues to purchase a product from a seller out of habit as long as her needs are met. This is somewhere where you frequently go due to convenience, by sticking with this business the buyer is able to reduce his costs. This can actually go for the Los Angeles online reputation management company. When the service of reverse SEO is complete, you can stick with them for maintenance and it will be half the price. This is why being able to maintain good customer relationships are important.

When it comes to affiliative selling relationships are more likely to occur when the buyer needs an expert to take care of their problem and trust is an issue in the buyers case. When it comes to a reputation management company, they are extremely trustworthy due to them not wanting their reputation to be that of negative since they are in that business after all.

A strategic partnership is one in which both the buyer and seller commit time and money to expand both parties. This level of commitment is considered to be one where both parties are technically married to one another since they stick with each other at all times for the product or service needed.