Top 5 Spots in Cochin That See the Most Number of Tourists

Cochin is a city with a tremendous riches and a visit to this city will make you have a feeling that you have ventured outside India. A stroll past the paths of a few lanes will take you hundreds of years back and a visit to this city will make you never want to go back!

Kochi is an enchanting city that is is unlike any other cities in the country. Central Easterners, British, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese have all left their influence there. This impact can been found in their building structures and areas. Cochin hotels face rivalry from the lovely home stays in houses which the vast majority settle on. Cochin is an aggregation of islands and promontories stuck along the shores of tranquil Vembanad Lake and the Arabian Sea. You can catch a flight to Cochin from any major airports in India and some major international airports. Cochin to Bangalore flights are one of the busiest flights and highest on demand flights, almost as high as the ones to the national capital. Some of must visits on your trip to the city are mentioned below.


Fort Cochin
A standout amongst the numerous tourist attractions in the city, Fort Kochi is well known for its beaches and fishing nets. The area of Fort Cochin (Kochi) is also well known for having numerous architectural wonders like old European buildings organized in their style of design. A stroll past this paths will take you back to the medieval period. It likewise resounds the sentiment strolling by an old town in the British field.

An old neighborhood additionally loaded with old frontier structures, Mattancherry is a captivating range whose primary fascination the Mattancherry Dutch Palace worked by the Portuguese and talented to the Raja of Cochin in 1555. This palace was later remodeled by the Dutch in 1663. It is in ranges like Mattancherry and Fort Cochin where you will discover decent home stay facilities.

Jew Town
In spite of the fact that it is known as a Jew Town, the number of Jewish inhabitants are highly lessened now and have been supplanted by a flood of Kashmiri businessmen and traders setting up shops. The Pardesi Synagogue is one of the most established dynamic synagogue with a stunning interior. There are different antique stores with impossible to miss structures and a visit to this spot is an absolute necessity.

St Francis Church
This is the most seasoned European-assembled church in India. This fantastic church is still exceptionally dynamic even after so long. It was additionally the interment site of the explorer Vasco de Gama who passed on in Cochin in 1524. This congregation is well known not just as spot for venerates for the catholics additionally one of the real visitor locales for Cochin.

Princess Street
Your one stop go-to place, Princess Street has everything from bistros, eateries, book shops, craftsmanship displays, collectible and keepsake stores. On the off chance that you are making your stay at one of the homestay houses you can shop every one of your basic supplies and procurements from this road.

Equipped with this knowledge, waste no time in planning your visit to Cochin! Take a walk past the busy shores and add all these places to your list of must-visits and you will fall in love with this multi-cultural city!