Things To Remember While Choosing Enterprise Video Solutions

Video is nowadays used extensively as a rich form of media to communicate messages within the company as well as with external clients and customers. More companies are nowadays making use of videos for carrying out live meetings, tutorials and training sessions, collaboration sessions and even business promotions. However, to make sure that a company’s video production and broadcasting strategy is able to produce the desired results, it is necessary that the right enterprise video platform is chosen as it can make a world of difference. Since every company is different, the choice of an enterprise video solutions platform will also vary greatly from one company to another. However, there are a number of things that a company should consider while settling for a video solution.

  • A video collaboration software system that you opt for should provide you with complete security when it comes to video storage as well as delivery. In other words, it should encrypt the video content that you post in transit and at rest. If you are posting any confidential videos, it should be able to provide with a method by which you can decide which members in your company can have the authorized viewership rights.
  • When it comes to video storage, most companies nowadays prefer to have a cloud-based program as a solution. Even if you actually opt for a SaaS (Software as a Service) program, you should always have total control over your brand’s video management. A secure cloud storage and delivery option eradicates the need for on-premise solutions which means that you can enjoy the benefits offered by videos without any added costs or hassles.
  • Your video solutions for business should be easily accessible from multiple devices and platforms to have the maximum effect. Over the last decade or so, mobile technology has greatly improved all over the world. More people now prefer to use their smartphones for carrying out all of their online activities such as looking for new products or watching videos. Therefore, it is necessary that your video content is made easily accessible from both mobile and desktop devices. The videos must be appropriately encoded, stored and offered for streaming to multiple devices. This is imperative no matter the original format in which they are produced. By presenting your target audience with a reliable and consistent video viewing experience across smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops, you can ensure that your video messages have the maximum impact.
  • The video platform for business that you opt for should be able to present all kinds of video content in a secure way to the selected audience for which it is meant. Whether you use the video platform to showcase training videos, internal communications, announcements, or demos, it is necessary that the platform comes with the means by which you can select the authorized viewers. This is a crucial aspect of choosing a platform while presenting enterprise video communications.
  • While choosing video solutions for business, it is always better to opt for a video platform that is already integrated to the environment of the CMS that you are using. When you use a video content management system that is already aligned with your existing CMS structure, it also makes it a lot easier for your brand videos to be discovered by the audience for which they are meant. Moreover, this also increases the security features associated with video encryption. Many companies, therefore, choose to opt for video enterprise solutions that are already contained within an existing CMS system. Not only it helps to manage additional costs but also helps in improving the efficiency of the system.