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Mass Communication has come out as a major area of interest and has enormously contributed to the growth & empowerment of society. As an academic discipline, it has quickly gained vital importance and has become a foremost attraction for students. The information technology revolution has considerably contributed to the development of mass media. There are several colleges offering mass comm courses in Delhi. The quickly developing technology situation is changing the very features of the discipline in a manner unknown to any other area of academic activity. We at DSC take it as a challenge.

DSC continuously identify, assimilate and deliver latest techniques in mass media & journalism education. We do focus on continuously anticipating and understanding market needs, expectations & problems and strive to deliver competitive packages. We do also work towards development of value addition in mass media & journalism education and offer various mass comm courses in Delhi. Some of these courses are:

  • Bachelor of mass communication
  • Master of mass communication
  • PG diploma in advertising and public relations
  • PG Diploma in broadcast Journalism
  • Short term technical courses
  • Digital marketing courses

Bachelor of Mass Communication: For this course you need to have senior secondary school certificate from a recognized board. Mass communication is basically the study of the ways in which individuals and entities convey the information through mass media methodology to a large segment of the population and that too at the same time. To impart students an understanding of the mass communication process, its impact on human and social factors and the socio cultural environment within which it operates. This is a three-year duration course that gives you an insight into the various methods of using journalism and electronic media.

Master of mass communication: For getting admission into this course, one needs to have bachelor degree in any discipline from a recognized university. The more creative you get, the more you expand your horizons to excel in the field of master in mass communication. Grabbing a masters degree in the area of your interest always helps as it opens a excess of opportunities in terms of knowledge and a great way to expand your career.

PG diploma in advertising and public relations: This is a one year programme and you need to have post graduation in advertising and public relations. After successfully completing this PG Diploma, students can work with the Corporate Communication Departments of leading private sector organizations, MNCs, PSUs as well as with similar departments in the government.

PG Diploma in broadcast Journalism: For this, you must be having graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university. This is a one year PG Diploma with specialisation in electronic media journalism. The training is more practical based and prepares students to work in the Indian television and radio industry with a strong focus on reporting, journalism, news reading and anchoring.

Short term technical courses: 10+2 or Bachelor degree from a recognized university is mandatory to get admission into any of the short term courses. Their duration is maximum 5 months.

Digital marketing courses: Maximum duration of these courses is 6 months. 10+2, intermediate or its equivalent is required for getting admission in to any of these courses.

All of these mass comm courses in Delhi will definitely set high standards of education to build your career and  create a difference in your professional lives.