Latest Antivirus

Antivirus is software which is developed to stop malware from entering into the system. It’s known that perfect security cannot be attained; therefore these softwares try to provide security for maximum of their abilities. While designing these softwares it is kept in mind that the software is efficiently able to detect malware, prevent as well as remove them from the system. Before moving further in antivirus some important things about malware must be known such as:

  • Malware is software program whose main aim is to change the user‘s system setting without his or her permission. They not only provide hindrance in your network, but also it wants your private secured data, such as- login, password, credit card details etc.
  • Malware can be further classified into viruses, worms, Trojans, scareware as well as some form of potentially unwanted program such as spyware and adware.

Antivirus software performance is judged by its performance in an experiment conducted on it. One of the best test is AV test. AV test has more than a million of pieces of malicious test data. Hence this test is now days used to rank the latest antivirus available in the market.

Latest Antivirus

Most Of The Latest Antiviruses Are Designed On Two Basic Foundations

  1. Antivirus scans the file and look for the already known viruses in a virus dictionary which has been enhanced significantly these days. This virus dictionary contains definitions of those viruses which are detected by the developer of the antivirus and it is constantly updated.  Antivirus while scanning finds that a part of code in file is matching in its virus dictionary then it immediately takes the actions. It can quarantine the problem or it can remove the infected item. Note that for working of antivirus its virus dictionary must be updated.
  2. The second method is to detect the suspicious behavior of a computer program which might cause harm to the system: – Antivirus  closely monitors that if any process is trying to modify  executable files.  This approach is now days very helpful in detecting virus as most of virus definition is not in the virus dictionary.

NORTAN ANTIVIRUS 2013 is one of the latest  antivirus program available in the market, which is  manufactured by SYMANTEC CORPORATION. It scans the system to check for any viral activities. It is one of the best antivirus. AV test concurs with anti-virus equipment depending on achievement in 3 parts: protection, repair and usability. AV test has certified Nortan.  Latest antiviruses are providing large number of services which are as follows:

• Antimalware.
• Antispyware.
• Scan Compressed files.
• Quarantine infected files.
• Antiworm.
• Antiphising.
• Auto clean infected files.
• Registry startup protection.
• Auto USB detect.
• Instant Messaging Protection.
• Antivirus.
• Anti Trojan.
• On demand scan.

Most of the latest antivirus has acquired a fabulous lab score for malware blocking. For ex. Nortan antivirus provides a toolbar in a browser that tells about the website that is, whether a website is safe or infected. It can totally block the malicious site. On commercial sites, antivirus provides more icons indicating that the site is conforming to law and it can include privacy and transaction protection.