DialWebHosting Vs ASmallOrange

Both DialWebHosting and ASmallOrange have grown in popularity as web hosting service providers. So, when you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable web host, you can put your faith in both these web hosts. However, between the two of them, DialWebHosting appears to enjoy better ratings because of their high-end plans and excellent customer service. It has grown into one of the best web hosting companies today offering a wide range of hosting solutions, including business email services, standard shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting, and cloud computing plans. It was founded way back in 2000 and since then has pioneered enterprise-level hosting plans. It employs highly qualified staff that has many years of experience in web hosting; accompanied with cutting-edge technologies and backed by years of experience and partnerships with reputed suppliers,

DialWebHosting has offered services encompassing almost all aspects of technology. In comparison, ASmallOrange does not offer “unlimited” plans; they follow the principle of paying only for the resources used by client enterprises. It is very attractive as a website with colorful branding but the quality of services are not as appealing. On visiting their website, you can get a summary of the hosting options they offer which includes reseller hosting, shared and dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, business email hosting etc. They claim to have a rather responsive and knowledgeable staff to assist you with technical issues. You can try out their shared or reseller or business or VPS plans for a total of 90 days and cancel the account in case you are not happy with their services.

  • When you sign up with DialWebHosting, you can enjoy unlimited disk storage subject to conditions; you can also experience seamless bandwidth which is not limited by any restrictions because of traffic fluctuations. You can even host and manage many sites from one account when you sign up with this web host. DialWebHosting also allows you to create and handle multiple email accounts through IMAP and STMP accounts. Users can also benefit from one-click installations for WordPress which ensure that your blogs reach the target audience faster. The customer services is available round-the-clock and experts will help you through phone calls, live chats and email facilities. You can enjoy almost the same features at ASmallOrange expect that it offers smaller packages better suited for smaller businesses.

  • At DialWebHosting you can take advantage of the fastest and most cost-effective shared hosting solutions; they have the finest methods for getting your site online since their platform is very feature-rich. Because of their almost unlimited plans, the smaller businesses and entry-level websites can benefit a great deal. Their shared plans are also backed by robust security measures and high-end IT capabilities. At ASmallOrange, you can also benefit from a high uptime guarantee, unlimited websites and unlimited email accounts, 24×7 technical supports. As far as dedicated hosting goes, DialWebHosting offers the servers with fastest speed so that you can host applications seamlessly. They offer superior hardware and software with multiple domain creation features. Their dedicated servers are customizable and guarantee high performance. These customizable solutions are also highly secure and well protected from malicious software. Users are free to tweak server settings to get their preferred amounts of RAM or processing power. You can also negligible downtime and seamless bandwidth when you choose DialWebHosting over ASmallOrange. The latter offers four plans which vary depending on bandwidth and storage. The cheapest plan is their “Tiny” plan that lets users create only one domain. All plans are backed by a 90-day trial period and money back guarantee for buyers.

  • While you may get refunds in case you cancel your accounts, you will have to pay the regular domain cost if it was a free domain. Their cPanel is standard and not as flexible as the one you can hope to get through DialWebHosting plans. If you pay for a whole year upfront, you can enjoy free hosting for two months and a free domain. While they will provide for daily backups, it is better to carry out off-site backups to be safe. Their dedicated plans will offer management support, round-the-clock technical support and 5 dedicated IP addresses. ASO also offers root access to servers and lets users troubleshoot basic problems concerning patches and updates. Their servers also use enterprise parts and there are no home-based equipments.

  • Email hosting has become indispensable for corporate enterprises to operate smoothly; these ensure protection for sensitive data while maintaining communication flows between clients and organizations and between employers and workers. When you choose professional email hosting plans from DialWebHosting, you can get cheap email hosting instead of having to set up and maintain in-house mail servers. Their data centers are distributed geographically all across the globe and you can choose your data center location; however, with ASmallOrange, you do not have the freedom to choose server location as their data centers are only in Dallas and Michigan.

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