Complement Your Statement Pieces With Summer Basics

Summer Style

Summer styles are full of colorful patterns, bright solids, and dizzying designs, but wear too many of these pieces together and you’ll get overwhelmed. Complement and layer your favorite summer outfits with basic wardrobe staples and stand out from the crowd. Check out the ideal summer basics below and put together outfits that will make you shine.

White Denim

White Denim

Your favorite top this summer may be a delightful display of colorful flowers or geometric patterns, but to ensure that your favorite piece looks stunning, you’ll need to wear it with a pair of white jeans. Whether you’re wearing shorts or pants, white denim is a way to effortlessly complement your look.

For a more casual outfit, wear shorts and sandals, but if you’ve got a party or an outing planned, full length denim jeans are a comfortable and easy way to spice up your ensemble.


For cooler days, when the temperature doesn’t quite hit 23 degrees, leggings are the basic you need. Whether they’re gray, black, or navy, you can pair your solid leggings with a colorful top, or black and white patterns. Leggings are also great with any style of shoe. Stay warm with tennis shoes or booties, or keep it cool with sandals or wedges.

A Vest

Vests are a versatile way to complement any style. They give you an extra layer without making an outfit feel heavy, giving you more opportunities to mix and match. You can choose a black, high-low vest with fringe to top a patterned dress or a striped vest to to mix and match patterns. Even with two colors, vests are still perfect summer basics.

Denim vests are also a favorite among summer fashionistas, as they are intrinsically simple pieces. With a variety of washes and cuts, a denim vest can elevate simple, white basics or complement bold outfits.

The Shoes

Shoes are an important part of any outfit. While you may love your bright pink pumps, sometimes you need a nice neutral to tone down a vibrant look. For day time looks, choose brown, metallic, or black sandal flats. With each of these in your closet, every outfit will have a matching pair of summer shoes.

If you’re planning a night out on the town, wedges are the perfect choice. Even if you keep the color simple, you can amp up your style with straps, fringe, or buckles.

An A-Line Dress

The A-line dress is perhaps the easiest way to style yourself this summer. Since summer is the season for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers, you’ll need a few of these in your wardrobe. You can layer your dress with a sheer, oversized top to create an interesting silhouette, or keep it simple with a belt and a hat. No matter your accessories, keep your dress simple with solid colors and straight lines. Online fashion apparel stores like District Clothing also provide a wide array of colorful basics that are perfect for stylizing your closet with a sweet summer flair.

Summer is the Season

With summer in full swing, it’s time to shake up your closet and find the latest women’s fashion to complement your favorite outfits. Keep your layering and accessorizing light with summer basics that’ll complement any of your favorite statement pieces.