What Are The Demands Of Computer To Install Windows XP?

Windows XP is one of the superb versions of windows that support the desktop devices dearly well. Most people say that, the installation of windows XP is not that easy to do. Installation of an operating system depends on how much you are ready with your computer. Your system should meet the hardware demands of the OS without fail. Some operating system demands some things to be installed on the system before starting the installation procedure of that OS.

At times, operating system also demands the configuration of the system should be high and satisfying to run the OS. Likewise, you have to have some features and softwares for installing windows XP successfully on your device. The installation process will be successful only when you gratify the requirements of the computer to install windows XP. If not, you have the certain requirements of a computer to install windows XP, how could you install? Of course, you cannot install.

What Are The Demands Of Computer To Install Windows XP

Also, you should know something about what the requirements are that you need to install the windows XP on your device. The requirements are as follows

  • Foremost requirement is that, the CPU of the system should be with 300 MHz processor and 233 MHz Intel Pentium. The CPUs which do not have this configuration of processor and Intel Pentium cannot bear the Windows XP OS.
  • For getting done the installation process triumphantly, your hard disk should contain 1.5 GB free space. This is a default or minimum space that you require. If you think to download some more applications and haves, you have to have more than 1.5 GB free space in your hard disk.
  • The memory of the RAM should be 64 GB. The RAM memory of 128 GB would be too good. It is nothing wrong with having more memory than required. If you have more memory, your system will function well.
  • For the installation process to take place, your system should contain the Microsoft mouse and a keyboard device.
  • The display should be good and flexible. The screen resolution of the display should be 800×
  • If you are going to the install the Windows XP from a CD or DVD ROM, your device should contain CD ROM or DVD ROM drive.
  • If you are going to download the operating system from websites or from network installation means, your computer should contain a proper network adapter card to suit your network.
  • If you are going to perform the installation process from boot client or network client, your computer should have high volume floppy disk say 3.5.

I hope, now you would have known that what the requirements that are needed to install the Windows XP on a computer device. If you have all the above mentioned demands on your device, you can get the installation done within some minutes. So, make sure that your system has those things ahead beginning the installation process. Your installation process will meet some failures if not your system contains those things.

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