Top 5 Tips on How to Use Your Electric Shaver Effectively

If you want an efficient, cost-effective and quick way to get a clean shave, it’s best to invest in a good electric shaver that will effectively give you the kind of shave you want in no time. You can be rest assured that there will be no painful cuts on your face when using a high quality electric shaver.

It takes about two weeks or more for one’s skin to get used to an electric shaver, hence, when you are using an electric shaver you are not only ensuring the safety of your skin, but also getting a very nice and accurate shave with little or no scarring.  If you care a lot about your skin and want it to remain healthy despite regular shaving, an electric shaver should be your go to device.


However, to get the best out of your shaver, here 5 tip on how to use your electric shaver.

  • Before you start any shaving process with an electric shaver, you need to make sure you wash your beards with lukewarm water and gently pat dry. After that, apply a talcum powder to make the facial hair soft or wash the beards with a conditioning shampoo before using the electric shaver.
  • If you are one of those who enjoy shaving on the go, a proper dry shaving will be the best option for you. First you need know the direction the facial hair grows, because the way the hair grows on each side of your face might differ. Once you’ve figured out the pattern in which your hair grows, you can then use your electric shaver effectively to get the best results. Panasonic is one of the best brands which make the best dry shavers. Among all Panasonic shaver you can check Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3 review. This cool razor has both wet dry shaving feature and it is much cheaper than the most popular electric razors too.
  • Before shaving with an electric shaver, make your skin firm with your hand, and then start shaving following the direction of the hair growth. This will enable you to have bump free, clean and effective shave. Also try not to over press the electric shaver down or glide on the same side repeatedly.
  • Most users of electric shavers have sensitive skin, hence is best to start shaving process from the neck. When using an electric shaver, the blades can heat up real quick and cause major irritations. The skin on the neck is way thinner than the facial skin and is prone to irritation, that’s why starting from the neck, and then moving up to the rougher areas of your face such as the chin, jaw and above your lips. A renowned grooming blog Instant Grooming says that sometimes it is necessary to stretch your skin to get a irritation free clean shave. Know more about art of shaving on Instantgrooming.
  • After you’ve finished shaving with your electric shaver, wash your face with cool water and apply a very after-shave lotion or liquid that moisturizes. Try and avoid an aftershave that contains alcohol, because it will only sting and dry out your facial skin, which isn’t healthy.

Also if you want your electric shaver to last for a longer period with an effective and high performance level, ensure you clean your electric shaver after every shave and follow the   instructions on the manual. Cleaning is very important, especially after using the shaver for a wet shaving. If you are not sure about which electric shaver to go for, we can help you finding one. Check these top electric shaver review and we believe that will be able to come up with your suitable one.

In addition, to get a close, clean and effective shave with an electric shaver, the blades need to be sharp and have a very smooth shaver screen. This helps you to avoid the painful cuts of the facial hairs against the cluttered-metal in the process shaving. Your electric shaver should be charged to the fullest, in order to avoid the blades having more resistance in the process of shaving. With all these tips and advises, your shaving experience will certainly be worthwhile, fun and more enjoyable. Your facial hairs will be trimmed for a longer period, and your face will be smoother.