New Users Of Windows 8 Should Learn Some Basics

Windows 8 is an extended version of windows 7. Certain new haves that are not in use in windows 7 can be easily found in Windows 8. Windows users also expect the same that are they wanting to enjoy the new haves every time when the new version of Windows has been launched. But we cannot say that, users will feel okay while using the windows 8 for the first time. They may get confused with respect to the do’s and don’ts of the new operating system. In order to get rid of those things, it would be better if you try to learn the fundamentals of Windows 8 before using it.

New Users Of Windows 8 Should Learn Some Basics

  • Foremost is that, the new start screen of windows may surprise the users. Before the launch of windows 8, users were using a start button not a screen. As you all know that, you can find the start button at the left down-side corner of your screen. Just clicking on the button will open up menus and option that you have. But in windows 8, the old style start button is replaced with start screen.
  • The start screen contains so many haves in it. You can get to the start screen by just clicking with your mouse. If you press the windows button that appears on the left down-side corner, you can view the application that is used recently by you. With this simple and easy start menu, you can access the applications with a click. As like windows 7, you do not have to double click the applications to access it.
  • The second thing is that, the users of windows 8 have to download the applications from the Microsoft store rather from anywhere else. The applications of the windows 8 will look like smart phone applications. So, you can get the experience of using a smart phone while use desktop that is installed with windows 8 OS.
  • Besides these things, you can find many new haves in windows 8 which are photos, mail, calendar, messaging and more. The photos feature will host and slide the pictures that are loaded in that. But, you cannot edit them. You can merge more than one mail account counting the pop mail account using the mail feature.
  • You can purchase and operate music through music app. You can find windows media player as a default desktop app in this version as like all versions.
  • The screen resolution and text size might be customized if they needed be. For that, you have to right click on the desktop and choose “screen resolution” option. You can press the windows button to shut down your system.

Learning the fundamentals of the new operating system might be frightening at first. But, if you follow the instructions carefully, you can able to learn that within a day. It is not the codes or programming language to by-heart it. Rather, it is merely the accessing steps – right? So, you can learn the fundamentals of windows 8 easily without any doubts.

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