Latest Features Of Windows 10 For Desktop Devices

The new windows 10 operating system has surprised many people with its latest and smart features. Generally, the windows operating system is a reputed OS and it is designed to support both mobile devices and desktop devices. Windows OS has more than million active users all over the globe. Since, you cannot find people who do not use desktop device. People have been getting their tasks done using a computer or laptop these days.

Those devices are installed with any of the windows OS among various versions of windows OS. Windows OS is the one which people have been employing daily for some reasons. So, people were expecting a ton with windows 10. I would say that, windows 10 have gratified the anticipations of the users superbly with its features.

The features of windows 10 are as follows,

New Start Menu

Even though the layout of the start menu looks the same as windows 8, but you could find new haves in the start menu like live tiles and resizable screen size. With the assistance of the live tiles, the applications that are used before a while can be viewed by the user. The start menu will surely grab your attention towards it.

Novice Task View

The new task view can be found in windows 10 which let the users toggle between the desktops. This task view is not like the task view that is found on windows 8. Rather, this task view is completely updated and enhanced in regards of its performance.

Latest Features Of Windows 10 For Desktop Devices

Command Prompt

It is something new that is added in windows 10 operating system. You can use the keyboard shortcuts in the command prompt of windows 10. So, you can easily copy and paste the commands in the command prompt.


This is a feature which automatically alters the mode of performance. That is, if so, you have disconnected the keyboard from your desktop device, the continuum will switch to fly mode and provide you the touch back button to proceed with your work. This is a smart feature that is included in the windows 10 desktop devices.

Enhanced Windows Explorer  

You can find a share button and a home location in the windows menu taskbar. Using these haves, you can share or bookmark the web page quite easily.

Snap Feature

A new snap feature will help you to crack the windows and applications across the screens. This is the best way to crack or snap the haves of windows 10.

Universal Apps

As like windows 10 mobile devices, the applications of windows 10 desktop devices are also universal and can scale down to any devices like computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

I believe that, now you would come to know that all the features of windows 10 are not just updated but they are brand new. So, without any uncertainties, you are going to feel something new by using the windows 10 operating system. What are you waiting for? Go and install windows 10 and get pleasure from the haves of it.

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