How To Launch A Brand In China?  

How To Launch A Brand In China?

With the fast growth in the amount of Chinese Internet surfers (about 600 million people), cultural medias in China became a proper concern for brands desperate to enter the Chinese language market.

How To Launch A Brand In China?

You have to know that a Chinese language netizen follows typically eight brands through internet sites and 43% of people are enthusiastic about brands that their friends follow. Thus 38% of Internet surfers are buying because or because of reviews from internet sites. With these results it’s important, vital therefore, for a brand name that wants to use in China to make use of all the communal tools available carefully to be able to develop a genuine digital strategy in China. Forget about Facebook then, YouTube, Instagram, Tweets and everything which makes our digital ecosystem in American countries. The goal here’s to adapt your solutions to the market’ criterion and undoubtedly to Chinese consumers!

There are many of internet sites in China which is essential to use the right route for the right aim for. Everything will rely upon the targets that the brand desires to attain by releasing a marketing campaign for the Chinese language digital. This isn’t completely different from what we realize: every strategy needs networking. If you desire to promote yourself in China, focusing on your web reputation, and create a genuine brand/consumer interconnection you may use Weibo. Weibo serves as a “China Tweets”. Like our European social network, this is a micro-blogging system where brands can show content. The difference is the fact that Weibo integrates applications, games; social business features (features that are also on Facebook).

In the same spirit a brand may also use Qzone which is more give attention to visual content, like videos or pictures through brands. Additionally it is necessary to operate a WeChat occurrence within his “social media” strategy. WeChat may be the mobile network par quality: instant messaging, various features (with the Occasions, payment bill, geolocation or container into the sea). This tool is amazingly abundant and really can be interesting for brands. For instance, Starbucks is a model to check out in conditions of marketing by using WeChat: using instant messaging to make personal songs to consumers, creating interactive iPhone app for the Chinese New Year. The brand is obviously creating and reinventing a consumer/brand website link and it works!

WeChat can even be a direct marketing tool, such as some nightclubs who are employing it for this function: when coming into the golf club, the consumers’ QR code is scanned and they can get a free of charge drink, once they can usage of the club’s latest news or information of the organizing organization. And then for the integration of video recording content finally, this won’t happen on YouTube but on Youku. The choice of social network in China is really important, but additionally it is important to study consumer to comprehend the Chinese language consumers, his patterns and his needs on these sites. Establish a American communication strategy over a Chinese network will be a strategic problem that may cost a whole brand communication advertising campaign.


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