How To Avoid Getting Penalized By Google?

For years, Google has strongly dominated the Internet and we are not seeing any strong contender. Online success depends on our good relationship with Google, because we get much less traffic through Yahoo and Bing. We should try out multiple SEO strategies that can significantly increase our rankings.

Many people fall into the trap of using improper techniques or following bad advices. Some people still use poor SEO techniques, such as hidden text and keyword stuffing. Many companies are penalized by Google because they employ unprofessional SEO services. It means that website owners should know how they could get penalized by Google. It means, it is important for us to avoid using techniques that could get us penalized.

Webmaster and website owners should look things at Google’s side. By understanding Google’s business motivation, we should be able to avoid common pitfalls. There are reasons why Google penalizes specific websites. It simply wants to enforce a number of arbitrary rules. Despite its huge business operation, Google depends on honest and trustworthy online activities.

It needs to maintain credibility by showcasing only trusted websites on specific topics. In this case, we should help Google to search things better and faster. Without honest operations, Google will slowly lose ground.

Dodgy SEO professionals are Google’s real enemies and they prevent Google from delivering quality results to average Internet users. If we remain supportive of Google’s overall goals, they will certainly appreciate our efforts. Any illegal actions can be punished immediately. We are lucky if our website is only temporarily penalized, because some websites get permanent bans.

Avoiding possible penalties should become our primary rule. We need to know things that we can and can’t do. This shouldn’t be a difficult process and many of these rules are simply based on common sense.

Google is known for its complicated algorithm and it is all intended to provide good results for users. Good SEO isn’t about pretending that we have good content, it’s about trying to give the best possible results to users. We should try to promote content and relevant information the best possible way. Good SEO professionals will scrutinize our website and look for problems that could potentially cause penalization.

As an example, excessive amounts of primary keywords and irrelevant link sharing can cause our website to be pushed lower. Instead of abusing Google’s system, we should try to support it.

Good SEO professionals promote the importance of ethical SEO. It may seem like an easy concept to understand, but implementing it in the highly competitive environment can be quite difficult. Many websites simply stay in the “grey area”. Their SEO efforts could still be based on common legal SEO principles, but some of their optimization methods are essentially inappropriate.

We should talk with SEO professionals about the proper methods to improve our overall rankings. They should also be able to provide realistic results about things that we will get.

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