How SEO Professionals Should Deal With Changing Requests?

SEO is a topic that’s easy to love. It can be quite challenging and even if we manage to gain partial results, the benefits could already be huge, especially if we are dealing with popular topics. SEO is a very rewarding experience. We could meet new people and take on many new challenges. Many people start to establish their SEO and this requires significant preparation to ensure good results.

There are annoying things that SEO professionals need to face, especially if they are new to the industry. There are different methods to deal with this problem. One of the issues that we may need to face is frequently changing requests.

In reality, we should expect to deal with changing requests. Website owners may consider them as good things to do, although in many cases, they are not. However, we should inform clients if they make changes in requests for the sake of it. As an example, they could provide us with ten primary keywords related to their industry, but the next week, they may come up with 300 more.

Accepting their request could result in overall slow-downs in SEO campaign. Results will be harder to obtain because we need to deal with more requests. Clients may need to perform hundreds of mini-projects and this can be a monumental task.

In this situation, we should be able to inform people about changes in requests that can cause various potential delays. We should let them know things known as scope creep. This could happen if our SEO project keeps changing and has no set boundaries. It means that we could end up working for a long period of time with very little results.

We should find out things we should do to achieve different sets of milestones. A SEO campaign that could be completed in one month, could take 3 or 4 months. If SEO professionals readily accept any changing requests, they will be the one who will be blamed for slow results or even failures.

In the contract, we should clearly explain how many changes that are allowed. It is recommended to be flexible, but it is not a good idea to accept changes that are so huge that we need to start everything from scratch. Any signed agreements should explain everything properly. There are specific scopes in the project that can’t be modified once the agreement has been signed.

Changes of requests shouldn’t affect the direction of the project. Clients should allow for changes in timeframe if they insist on making changes. It is also possible to request for extra payments, if our previous works are rendered unusable due to changes in requests.

We should explain to clients that there shouldn’t be too many “5-minute changes” in the project. Clients should be aware that any change in the project can be harmful to the overall SEO progress. SEO professionals should be paid for their extra time and they should agree for any kind of change.