Free Tools That SEO Professionals Should Use

Every SEO professional need to have proper set of tools that can help them achieving their goals. SEO tools should be able to turn painstaking and time consuming jobs into things that are easier and much faster to accomplish. SEO tools can help us to deal with all tasks related to website optimization.

Proper SEO tools are able to give us a helping hand at all SEO stages started from the keyword research. All information obtained from SEO campaigns can end with analysis that will play a part in the decision making process. Good SEO tools could actually help our website popularity to soar high.

Google Adwords is among the best tools that SEO professionals should use. It is a basic tool to help us unearth the most appropriate keywords for SEO campaign in an industry. Without Google Adwords, we could actually be shooting in the dark. Information obtained from Adwords are gathered from advertisers themselves.

It means we know what the consumers want in a specific industry. Some popular keywords may already decline in terms of popularity, while other keywords could start to emerge, especially if new models and technologies are being implemented in the market. Google Adwords are free tools that can keep us well updated about latest developments in the industry.

Another free tool that SEO professionals should use is the XML Sitemap generator. It essentially creates a map derived from the structure of our website. Search engine bots will be able to know the overall layout of our website and the indexing process can be performed efficiently. However, this tool should be complemented by the use of sensible and straightforward website structure.

It means that the website navigation should be made a lot easier. The sitemap generator produces a map file based on the XML language. The xml file can be submitted to mahor search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

Rank Checker from SEO Book is a tool that we shouldn’t forget to use. It is a proper tool to make sure that our SEO campaign is working perfectly. We should also be able to check the fluctuations of our rankings. The Rank Checker is a great tool to help us. SEO Book also provides a Firefox plugin that allows us to use the service quickly.

Using Rank Checker is very easy to do. We could enter the URL of the website and primary keywords. Results will be provided quickly. We will be able to obtain information of our positions. It is free, easy to use and fast. We shouldn’t forget to use this tool.

Backlink Watch Links is a proper tool to make sure that we have done things right in our linkbuilding campaign. It is related to the basic concept of SEO that the more high quality backlinks that our website get, the higher its ranks will be in search engine results. It also provides information, such as the title of the page links to our website. We also know whether the link has dofollow or nofollow tags. The anchor text of the backlink is also provided.