Common Security Technology That We Should Use

It’s our tendency to ignore many unpleasant things, until they do happen. We often treat security as an actual low priority factor, although we put it high in our written priority list. This could happen, if we think that our neighbourhood as the safest and there are no criminal incidents in the past few years.

No matter how secure our neighbourhood is, we need to invest enough on security technology. This will prevented unprecedented acts and if they do happen, it will be much easier for the authority to identify the perpetrators.  Here are security products that we can use in our lives:

Burglar alarm:

It is designed to detect and accurately identify perpetrators that go inside our house. There are interconnections, alerting systems, control panels and various sensors that we need to consider. Sensors are able to detect any kind of unauthorized access into our house. They can be based on different sensor technologies, such as magnetic fields, vibration, ultrasound, electrical disturbances, microwaves and infra red.

Car security systems:

Car security systems are designed to make sure that our car is completely secure. Other than alarms, they may include rear view cameras and GPS tracking. Regardless of the type, we should make sure that the car can be secured and if the thief managed to steal the car; his position can be tracked immediately.

CCTV cameras:

This is a standard security technology. CCTV or closed-circuit television systems are consisted of cameras that are controlled from a room by operators. These cameras are used for surveillance purposes in highly secured zones, offices, industrial floors and public spaces. Captured images can be recorded for specific duration of time and they can be used as evidences of crime when something occurs. If the control room is properly and continuously manned, any criminal activity can be detected and addressed immediately.

Electronic key tags:

RFID tags are already commonly used for business purposes. RFID is used for payment systems and assets tracking. RFID is able to ensure much smoother operations.

Fire alarm systems:

These systems are designed to detect accidental fire. The moment fire has broken out, we will be able to respond immediately to prevent escalation and extinguish the fire. Fire alarm system could be consisted of carbon monoxide detectors, flame detectors, smoke detectors and heat detectors.

Glass break detectors:

Burglars may enter a house or office building by breaking the windows or doors that are made from glass. Small microphones and vibration sensors are installed near the windows. If these sensors are activated during the night, the circuitry will raise an alarm when someone breaks the doors and windows.

IP camera:

Unless we are very rich persons, we will not be able to maintain a full security team that monitors CCTV system in our house. IP cameras can be equipped with motion sensor and if movements are detected in the house, we will be notified through the email and we will be able to get video streaming from cameras that detected the movement. We will be able to call the local police force to report criminal activities in our house.

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