What to Do If Police Officer Pulls Us Over?

Many people feel anxious when a police offer pulls them over. Here are things they should do:

What to Do If Police Officer Pulls Us Over

  • Remain calm: It is important to clear our head when the police officer has pulled us over. In this case, we should find a safe place, so we can stop our car. The car should be set in park and we need to turn off the engine. Before we talk with the police officer, we should retrieve our proof of insurance, vehicle registration and driver’s license. We could talk to the police officer and have these documents in our hands. The office will appreciate it if we are able to confidently provide these documents without fumbling around. In fact, the police officer will watch our behaviour. If we are clumsy and nervous, this can be indicated as a sign of impairment and drunkenness.
  • Be respectful and polite: It is important to stay respectful and polite when talking with the police officer. There are obviously bad cops who tend to harass people. By being respectful and polite, despite all the provocations, we should be able to avoid being included into their “arrest quota”. A good police office pulls someone over because he or she has a suspicion that there’s something about us is amiss. In this case, we should be helpful and provide all the necessary information. We shouldn’t be angered by tricks of bad cops, because they could deliberately try to make us do a mistake. In this case, we shouldn’t try to get an additional enemy that we shouldn’t have. Police officers will let us go if there’s nothing wrong with us.
  • Don’t say anything that will be used against us: Anything we say may be used as evidences against us. We should know that although we should be courteous, police officers are not really our friend. They could be less helpful. If we are ignorant or neglectful about something, they won’t help us. They will only stay silent and use this as evidence of our wrongdoing, no matter how slight it is. We should only answer things that they ask and no more. If we are not comfortable answering the police officer’s question, we could say that we want to call our lawyer. In this situation, the police officer should immediately end the questioning process. In this case, we shouldn’t become overly friendly and by being too talkative, we could be in a disadvantageous position.
  • Don’t comply with all requests: In many cases, it is important to avoid complying with all requests. In fact, we have the right for not allowing the police office not to search our car. In fact, the only situation where we must comply is when we are under arrest. This is the right that’s provided by the local law, so we should use it.

By doing these things, we should be able to avoid falling to the usual tricks that can be concocted by improper police officers.

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