The Importance Of Real Estate Agents

Buying a home can be a daunting task. Seeking the assistance of a real estate agent when you’re in the market for home buying can make the process a lot easier. Real estate agents are highly trained in home buying and the process of selling homes. They have extensive knowledge on purchase negotiating and how to market your home. In 2013, the National Association of Realtors found that 88% of home buyers utilize a broker or real estate agent. Buying a home is one of the largest investments most people make within a lifetime, so find out why you need a realtor to embark on your home buying journey.

  1. Provide Guidance from the Beginning to the End- Your real estate agent will conduct an initial meeting to find out your preferences such as location, must haves, and the budget. Most agents will then do a search of availability of all of your requirements and then begin to help to prioritize and constrict search options.
  2. Inform Buyer- The process of buying a home can be difficult, but an excellent agent will thoroughly explain the details so that the buyer understands. The agent will educate the buyer on actions taken by both parties (agent-buyer). Also, agents provide counsel if needed.
  3. Networking- Real estate agents are very familiar with specific target neighborhoods, which allows them to know whether of homes listed in the area. Another perk is that agents may also have knowledge of homes before they are officially on the market. Many agents have a rapport with other agents, which can allow access to areas that may not be familiar and can result in a smooth transaction. Real estate agents can also refer you to home inspections, contractors, and home lending agencies.
  4. Superior Negotiating Skills- Imagine that you find the home of your dream, but there are some major cosmetic issues that don’t meet your standards. An agent can express your concerns to the seller’s agent. Your real estate agent can seamlessly negotiate discounts, and then you could have extra funds to make necessary changes.
  • In many instances, initial offers by buyers are rejected by the seller. These types of transactions can be extremely complicated. An agent speaking on your behalf can quickly help to smooth things out, therefore, keeping the situation from not getting too personal.

So, although you may have experience of being a home buyer, knowledge from selling your home, awareness of navigating real estate websites, and apps a real estate agent’s skills are far more beneficial because of their skills in all aspects of real estate. Many people only want to save cost, so they don’t hire an agent. While doing the work yourself may save you from significant commission cost of the agent, this could end up being a very costly decision. You still may ask, “What’s so hard about buying a home?” While there may be some people who are qualified to buy and sell their home, the process isn’t as effortless as many people presume. When you get in a difficult situation, it would be extremely beneficial to have a professional agent take the reins. Happy House Hunting!!

Jodi Bakst has been helping homeowners in Chapel Hill, Durham, and throughout the Triangle since 1997. She regularly blogs about real estate and local interest topics important to buyers & sellers