Nurture Your Career With Energetic Mass Communication Courses

Mass communication has become a popular discipline among students in India. It is the best course for youngsters who wish to create a career in the media. Mass communication is essentially the academic study which enables people to transfer information to a large number of people. The media for this include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and films. Youngsters wishing to create a career in this field need to possess some qualities in their personalities. These qualities include creativity, analytical thinking, and excellent communication. Professionals in mass communication need to be good with words and fluent in expression and spontaneous in their observation and delivery.In Delhi you can find a number of mass communication courses like: Journalism, film making, Public Relations, Radio Jockeying, video jockeying, publishing and printing. These courses are offered by the colleges of mass communication in Delhi.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for these programs is 10+2 certificate for the undergraduate courses and a bachelor’s degree in any discipline for the post graduate courses. Most of the colleges of mass communication ask for a minimum number of marks in the 10+2 or graduation exams which is usually 50%. Different institutes have different criteria for admission as some of the colleges accept     these marks on the basis of credit while others require the students to clear an entrance test which is followed by a round of interviews. It is necessary for the students to have a basic knowledge about the world current affairs in order to succeed in the entrance exam and the personal interview. The students also need to have a good grasp on common languages including English as they need to understand the subject they are dealing with. Mass communication professionals need to be fearless and also mentally and emotionally tough to be able to handle the stress involved in the field.

Some top colleges that offer mass communication courses in Delhi

  • Center for research in art of film making and television
  • Broadcasting academy of India
  • Edit works school of mass communication
  • Indian institute of mass communication
  • IAAN school of mass communication
  • BharatiyaVidyaBhawan
  • Sri Aurobindo institute of mass communication
  • The Delhi School of Communication

Features of the good mass communication colleges

  • These colleges have all the latest equipment and technology required in the field of mass communication and the students are made fluent with them.
  • The infrastructure of these colleges is excellent which allows the students to focus completely on learning
  • Colleges of mass communication choose faculty members based on their qualification and the experience that they have had in the industry.
  • Number of seminars, conferences and workshops are conducted on a regular basis during which stalwarts in the mass communication industry are invited to share their views and experiences.
  • Students are exposed to the international scenario by providing them international journals in the well-stocked libraries.
  • These colleges take up real life projects which the students are required to work on so that they can attain some practical experience as well
  • The good mass communication colleges provide campus placement facility which ensures that the students do not have to run from pillar to post looking for jobs once they complete their studies.

All in all these colleges completely prepare the students to take on a career in mass communication as soon as they finish their studies.