LightEdge Expands To Fourth Data Center, Upscales CyberSecurity With IBM

LightEdge, an enterprise-grade cloud service provider, colocation and consulting company based out of Des Moines, IA is preparing to continue to expand in the Mid-West with a groundbreaking ceremony in Omaha, NE for a Data Center featuring a 100,000 square foot facility. The new center will house new servers to meet the constantly growing demand for data storage solutions in our ever expanding digital economy. Existing locations in Altoona, IA and Kansas City, MO serve to provide redundancy data protection for business customers. More expansion is slated in Altoona as construction for a second center at that location is scheduled to begin in June. The company received $375,000 in tax refunds from the Iowa Economic Development Authority, enabling them to move forward with the project.

Expanding the number of locations also offers increased employment opportunities in both the Omaha and Altoona areas. In a region with a reputation for more traditional jobs, the influx of trending technology at these data centers will generate positions in the IT, technology management teams, and monitoring services, encouraging continuing growth in the Mid-West region in these high-demand areas. Instead of outsourcing while undergoing such explosive growth, LightEdge is focused on continuing to build on the local economy.

LightEdge Data Centers boast complex power structures with uninterruptible power supplies and onsite diesel generators. Redundant, advanced cooling systems maintain servers and data storage at optimal temperatures. All their centers are monitored 24/7/365 featuring CCTV, passcard security and biometric points. Everything is designed for the ultimate protection of their customers’ most valued data. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning services are features that continue to expand with the growth of LightEdge’s data centers.

Leading Cyber Security with IBM

However, growth in their physical facilities is not the only newsworthy item at LightEdge. They will lead the nation in cyber security by becoming the first Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC) for IBM in North America. IBM will provide forward-thinking security protection for all of LightEdge’s customers with a view into 130 countries. IBM will manage and analyze 35 billion events daily, alerting LightEdge’s team to threats and providing them the time to be able to address any attacks. IBM remains on the leading edge of the technology industry, based out of Armonk, NY and is a multi-national corporation servicing over 170 countries. As such, it is poised in a unique position to provide the best oversight possible in the cyber security world.

LightEdge seeks to assist businesses with sophisticated, critical IT requirements. Their services feature end-to-end customer care and a 24/7/365 monitored NOC. They are ISO 20000, SSAE 16 SOC 1, and SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified. Their operations meet the PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Other recent product launches have included CITRIX Workplace Cloud, the IBM Power Cloud, Cloud Data Protection by VEEAM, and their Performance Storage Suite.

LightEdge is locally located in the Midwest and encourages customers seeking a more personal approach to an IT need often addressed on the international market. Customers know where their cloud is based, understand local citizens are employed by the business. LightEdge seeks to continue to bolster the local economy as they expand their physical locations.

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