How To Come Up With Nice SEO Keyword Phrases

The next most important thing after knowing how to write very good quality work is knowing how to come up with nice SEO keyword phrases. Most people when they start out writing they do not know what to do especially pertaining to creating good and nice SEO keyword phrases. Most people do not know where to begin or where to look for SEO keyword phrases but all of that is about to change.

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  • Definition of a Keyword

It is a word or set of words and/or phrases that are continuously repeated a couple of times in an article or piece of literature. Normally keywords are made up of 2 to 3 words or phrases.  People interchangeably call them keyword phrases or keywords. When a keyword is 3 to 4 words long, it is a long tail keyword or long tail keyword phrase. Long tail keywords are quite useful because you can get an exact match when it comes to the phrase and the topic. Even though the number of searches is considerably much less the lower competition is very appealing.

  • Good SEO Key word Phrases

A nice keyword phrase has to match and meet a certain level and criteria. First and foremost it must match the topic as well as the content of the site. That is if the keyword is “Big Dogs” and the link which is attached to the web site is about cars then it is useless and no good.

Another good criteria of SEO keywords is competition. All keywords have or face some form of competition but the important things is to pick and choose keywords that have very little competition. The best thing is to make sure that your keyword does not have more then 10000 matches. If it has less then it is okay and you can use that keyword but if it has more then it is not usable.

Sales is the third thing that a good keyword should have. LOL cat is a very good example. You will definitely get plenty of hits and traffic with such a keyword phrase and I’m sure you will experience brisk business but being the main and only site that does and deals in funny cat pictures is not possible and people will eventually get tried of funny cat pictures.

  • Creating very good and nice SEO keyword phrases

There is a science and an art to coming up with keyword phrases but most of it is a science. The trick is to get inside the mind of someone who might be looking for what you are offering. You should then think of keywords that you might want to use and search on them. Draft up a list of everything you can possibly think of, this is the art. The rest is down to a science.

You have to be dedicated and hard working; you have to do extensive research on each and every keyword. Find out all you can about the competition. Find out how often it is used, check and see how much advertisers are prepared to pay for it. This is a great way to reduce and narrow your search.

  • Research tools that can be used

Google Ad words is a free keyword research tool. There are quite a few others one that do the same thing but this is the best free one.

Word tracker is another great tool and it allows you to check and scout for keywords and as well as check the popularity of the keyword. Find out more about the competition searches and use it to your advantage. This tool has a lot of great options; it’s very good at finding good words. There is a free trial version but you will have to pay for the full version.

Samurai is a personal favourite and it is free only for 30 days. It also has very nice videos and tutorials to watch. It teaches a lot about how to come up with good keywords and how to effectively use them. This tool will take care of everything and it will show all that you need to know.

  • How to come up with nice SEO keyword phrases

Knowing how to come and create very nice keywords is not very hard, all that is required is a bit of hard work and research. You do not have to do the research you can skip it and do what you think is good. This is similar to panning gold and you simply go with the flow. You just might get lucky. When it comes to money making a good and strong SEO keyword is really worth its weight like gold.