Here’s The Time To Invest In Cloud Communications and Discover Its Huge Benefit

There is major transformation seen over the past few years from the enterprise software to the cloud. The shifting of accounts has led to an increase in the business three-fold time as compared to traditional enterprise software. The time has come for the business to make an investment in cloud communications platform to enable them to keep pace with the technological development and grow by leaps and bounds. Here are few benefits that compel the businesses to think on these lines.

  • Relocating office:

The virtual office is the buzz in the corporates and this is fulfilled by moving to the cloud. If you are thinking of relocation or adding new offices, the cost of setup of the servers, manpower and other ancillary activities is virtually reduced to zero. The investment cost decreases and you get the benefits of unified communications platform. It becomes easy to shift from one place to another since there is no physical movement of the servers. There is negligible down time when the office work is relocated or new office is setup.

  • Business Continuity:

When your business is spread across multiple locations, it is important that your business is live and is not affected with any disruptions such power outrage, natural calamities at one place, breakdowns etc. With the help of cloud, the servers are protected intensely and have redundancy capable to make the business ongoing.

  • Better service:

Today, the business that provides better and efficient services can compete and stay in the race. The clients have soft corner and pay premium to companies that can provide round the clock services efficiently.

With the help of cloud platform communications, companies can provide skill based routing, actionable statistics by studying the customer’s usage pattern and behavior and many other productive tools that increase customer service. Secondly, since the boundary limit does not apply in the cloud, the sourcing of right manpower and flexibility in recruitment is possible to provide better service.

  • Diverse locations:

In order to fulfill the requirement to connect entire locations through a single carrier is possible with the clouds. The cloud companies can design a network so that high level of service can be served to diverse locations with unified carrier.

  • Multiple providers:

If you are opting for multiple providers as in traditional way, it becomes difficult to manage the equipment and tends to be costly. Moreover, the reliability of the services and troubleshooting becomes difficult and increases finger pointing. With the help of cloud, there is centralization of all the activities and tends to be more manageable.

  • Mobility:

Nowadays, the structure of companies is such that employees need to move from one place to another. With traditional phone system, it is impossible to think of whereas when the cloud technology is implemented, the work can be accomplished even while travelling and on the go.

  • Staff focus and moves:

When there are multiple platforms, the IT staff recruitment has to be done accordingly. But with the implementation of cloud, the dependency of the multiple IT technologies is diminished. This ultimately leads to less IT staff requirement and upscale and downscale of the capacity is possible.

  • Variable call volumes:

With the traditional phone system, the call volumes cannot be adjusted with the increase or decrease in demand. The calls are either abandoned when higher volumes are there or you need to pay for the capacity that remains unused. But with the cloud technology, this restriction is eliminated.

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