Getting Back Links Through Reputable Websites

Back links, in-links, in-bound links, incoming links and inward links are all different links to web pages posted other web sites. Quality back links are back links from a good and reliable web site. The number of back links indicated signifies the importance of the site or page. Google understands the link as votes. The more reputable links the more votes and vice versa.

There’s been a lot of talk about the effectiveness and quantity of back links. Some believe all links are helpful while, others argue disagree. Nonetheless they all do agree good quality back links vastly improve your visibility to search engines. It is because of this, that there is an increased need to learn how to get good quality back links. Listed below are some very good ways to get good back links.

Getting Back Links Through Reputable Websites

Creative Edge

Getting a creative edge is not easy but it is a very strong tool. A creative hook is a very powerful method of getting good back links from web sites. This creative edge or hook is called “Link Baiting”. Link baiting is absolutely anything at all that’s designed to gather back links. It can be a picture, concept, idea, suggestion, blog post, comment or article. The link bait must be creative and original.

For instance the owner or creator of a web site that deals in a “Shoe Money System” has come up with a very brilliant concept. Anyone who shares the content of the web site will be entered into a competition to win the latest iPad. This is a brilliant and intelligent creative hook or edge. It will definitely encourage and entice people to share and spread your web page content.

The prize of the iPad might be a bit hefty and steep, so you might want to offer something else. The important thing is the concept and the idea, think out of the box and try something different.

Marketing through articles

Marketing through articles is a technique of sending your articles to many different article directories. The link will appear under each and every article written by you. There are a lot of good article directories which can help you with your rankings which include: Buzzle, Ezine, Expert Articles, Article Dashboard and Idea Marketers.

In order to get better results, you must work hard when it comes to the submission of your articles. Submit to many different article directories, but be careful when submitting articles try to avoid submitting to very low and poor quality directories.

Marketing through Videos

This is the same as marketing through articles there is not much difference. You simply come up with videos and you submit them to different video directories with the back link attached to the video. Most video sharing sites seem to have a good working relationship with most search engines. Most of them are even owned by big search engine companies such as Google and Yahoo.

You can also submit your videos automatically to these directories, but you need to be extremely careful when selecting which directory to submit to, not all directories grant you permission to change and edit the video description. The same description over a 100 websites may have a very negative effect and you may be accused of sending or spreading spamming.

Marketing through forums

Firstly you should look for good and reputable forums on the market. Sign up for these forums and then add your signature and link to these web sites. Make sure you contribute frequently and your links will show up on a lot of different pages. This will help in establishing your self as an expert.

Marketing through Social Media

Social media web sites rank very highly in page rankings. They seem to generate a lot of daily traffic and they have a squeaky clean reputation when it comes to search engines. Good social media web sites include: Linked In, Face Book, Twitter, Delicious, Digg and My Space. Signing up with any of these media web site is completely free and very easy. Once you have signed up you can begin promoting your content and products.

Marketing through blogs

A good way to benefit from marketing through blogs is through blog commenting. Commenting on blogs is a very strong way to obtain great quality back links. Firstly you need to identify and locate a good blog; after you have done this you can spend time going through the posts and then begin commenting.

It is crucial that you do not comment like “nice post” and “good info.” You must write something that is very hard to delete, for instance if you are into graphic designing then you should write something like: “Hey I’m a world class graphic designer. I’m the master of Your comments and posts give a very intriguing outlook on…Your post last week…Your opinion offers compelling insight on graphic design. Job well done!”

There is no way a blogger can delete this comment. The comment has authority, it shows you went through the blog posts, and you acknowledged and gave the blogger praise. This is the kind of comment that the bloggers are looking for.

The second type of marketing through blogs is blog renting. This is all about renting the pages of good blogs. The blog should be related to web site topic. You use the blog page for the promotion of your site and you get back links.

These are some really good and powerful ways of generating quality back links. Back links for a good and reputable site will vastly improve web page rankings and also improve your site exposure.