Best Fitness Gadgets In 2016

The beginning of the year is always be the perfect time to get us fully motivated. This is an opportunity to push our fitness level and reach the limit of our physical potentials. Here are gadgets that can make us healthier in the brand new year.

Medicine ball:

It is a great way to improve our dynamic strength. We can use it in our house and tote it to the nearby park. They are available in various sizes and weights. When choose medicine balls, we should choose the soft, non-bouncing one, so it won’t hit our face or damaging expensive items in our house. It is also important to have control where the ball should go.

TRX suspension trainer:

It is a great way to take our bodyweight training to an entirely new level. We could enjoy a complete physical benefit without the need for home gym. We will be able to perform spot training and improve our flexibility. We should be able to enjoy healthy workout, anywhere we want and anytime we want.


It is a great gadget for tracking our sleep pattern, physical activities, number of steps, floors climbed, distance and heart rate. We should have a health of knowledge about our daily movement. We will know whether we have enough deep sleep and how many calories are burned during typical days. This is a great gadget for fitness enthusiasts and we should be able to obtain it at the local online and local sports stores.

Foam roller:

It helps us to perform self myofascial release and we will be able to address any tight muscle in our body. Foam rolling is a great way to improve flexibility and blood flow in our body. We will be able to deal with tightness and soreness caused by daily activities. Foam rolles may vary density and size; for beginners we may choose roller with good density and 3 feet diameter.

Polar heart rate monitor:

This gadget should allow us to take our training to an entirely new level. In this case, we will be able to stay withing the proper training zone. Instead of training harder, we will train smarter to achieve more without struggling. We can track fat and calorie burn progress. Features in this gadget can range from simple to complex.

Jute yoga mat:

It is an eco-friendly gadget for fitness freaks or even open-minded yogis. It is a great addition to our daily physical activity. Jute is essentially a fiber-based plant that grows primarily in China, Bangladesh and India. The product is resistant to mildew, static free and free from heavy metals.

Resistance band kit:

With resistance band kit, strength training has never been more comfortable. It is a great way to perform effective resistance training without the need for heavy weights. Resistance bands don’t weigh much and we can bring it during a trip. They come in a variety of strengths, from little resistance level to challenging.

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