6 Reasons People Laugh About Your Content Writing

You might be a successful freelance writer. You might have finished many projects. However, even the most experienced content writers, sometimes unknowingly tend to fall into a ditch, for ultimately becoming a laughing stock, among their readers. Let us look at few reasons which ought to spoil the reputation of a writer.

6 Reasons People Laugh About Your Content Writing

Grammar mistakes: Many a times, a writer seem to have good ideas, information, and effective message to convey. However, simple grammatical mistakes in content, can make the content become a laughing stock. Grammatical mistakes are the primary reason for affecting the readability of any article. It makes the article difficult to understand; and they always provide misleading information to the reader. Thus, it can easily turn off the reader. It is true that content is king. However, the way of articulating the content play a major role. What is the use of an informative article, if it is poorly written with low understand ability?

Spun Articles: Always remember that, if a blog does not have good content, the readers try seeking information from the competitor’s blog. So, it is highly likely that the readers would have visited multiple blogs, to seek the information they need. Developers, who have developed content spinners, are no wonder smart enough to find a way, for the article not to get flagged as duplicate or plagiarized. These spinners, replace every word with a synonym. Do make a note that, even if your article passes through copy scape, the information in the article is not new. Your article might get published on the blog. But, your reader will definitely find that it is a spun article, with no new information in it.

Re-written articles: One of your main attributes as a content writer should be, the capability of coming up with a unique and original content, every time you write. Re-writing a pre-written article, leads to plagiarism, even if it is completely paraphrased. Also, your reader would easily make out that it is a re-written content, if they have already read a similar article.

Your article doesn’t have the information and it only has words in it: Some content writers, in order to reach the word target, tend to write longer sentences, with more words. Just put on yourself in the place of the reader and think. What do you expect out of an article? You would only want to read an article which has a crisp and concise sentences. Wouldn’t you laugh at an article which is only being filled with words, with no stuff in it?

Using keywords exceeding the number of times in your content: Say, you are conscious about getting your content, ranked high in search result page. Then, you may tend to overload the content with keywords, unnecessarily, in inappropriate places. This will ultimately spoil the content quality. Readers are smart enough to understand that, while writing the article, your main goal would have been only following the SEO technique, while writing content, rather than serving the main objective of writing an article.

Is your article actually written for your reader? : There are two approaches for writing an article. You have written an article, only for the purpose of exhibiting your knowledge about a subject matter, and demonstrating your language skill in your writing. Another approach is, to write content in such a way, it interacts with your reader, asks questions, and provides scope for a thinking process to start. Which approach can engage your reader? It’s only the second approach, which can make you one among the successful freelance writers. The first approach will only put your reader into laughter.

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