What To Do If Someone Buys a Domain Name Nearly Identical to Ours?

Domain name can be seen as an intellectual property. In this case, it is possible that someone has registered that is nearly identical with our domain name. In this case, average website users, clients and customers can get confused and think that they have visited our website, but they haven’t. However, if we are sure of any kind of wrongdoing, we should be able to go through a simple and quick arbitration process. There are different techniques of Internet marketing and among the less honest ones is purchasing a domain name nearly identical to our competitors. As an example, it is possible for someone to use a misspelt terms or words of our company’s domain name. Some of the methods can also be used beyond the innocent marketing aims. Cyber-pirates and phishers may even create a website that is identical with ours and with nearly similar domain names. They want to confuse users and steal their personal and financial information. The problem can get worse when users or our loyal customers provide credit card details or purchase something from these criminals.

What To Do If Someone Buys a Domain Name Nearly Identical to Ours

In this case, consumers may think that the infringer is associated with our company. Even more knowledgeable users can also be fooled if they think they are using a branched part of our original domain name. These infringers will not only siphon off our consumers, but it is possible for us to lose our customers permanently. Worse, we can be sued for negligence; because we don’t do enough warn consumers about the possibility of phishing and other illegal actions. For this reason, we must stay vigilant and try to do something to improve our condition. ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names Numbers is an authority that legally controls the domain name ownership. In this case, we should contact ICANN to provide proper procedure to resolve any kind of disputes, especially those related to abusive behaviours. We can start the arbitration proceeding by filing Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Complaint. Before we do this, it is important to assert that we have the actual control of the original website and the illegal, identical website could harm the consumers.

We should be able to prove that a domain name is confusingly similar to our own and the person who starts the website has no legitimate right to do so. In this case, we should be able to prove that the domain name is already registered and finally used in bad faith. We will have a stronger case when we are able to prove the bad intention. It means that we should be able to prove that the domain is acquired with the attempt to directly mislead customers. The nearly similar domain name is also intended to specific commercial gains. This is something that we need to consider. If we can confirm this, it is possible that the authority will agree and we will obtain the proper legal help. If we win the case, the domain name will be terminated.

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