How to Be Protected By The Law When Working With Contractors?

In some cases, home sales are slow or even non-existent. Because the sales are sluggish, many homeowners decide that they put additions or make improvements. It means that they will hire specialists and contractors to install roofs, pools, floorings, kitchen, bathrooms and others. Extra care could be needed to ensure the project is a complete success. It is a common fact that we should get multiple bids for the project. This will ensure that we obtain fair prices for the entire work. If we don’t perform the bidding process, it is likely that the first contractor offers significantly higher prices than the usual. Additionally, we can get better views at the project by asking multiple contractors to provide their bids for the project.

How to Be Protected By The Law When Working With Contractors

To ensure success with the project, it is important that we don’t choose only based on the lowest price. There are multiple factors that we need to consider, such as the offered warranty. We should also consider that the contractor has the proper experience level. We should ask about the tools, materials and parts that will be used; as well as their brands. We should need to ask for the license status of the contractor. This will allow us to be better protected and it is possible to prevent likely problems. Homeowners should make sure that there’s a notice of commencement and it’s a recorded document that explains to material supplies and sub-contractors about the nature of the home improvement project. The contractor needs to submit a notarized and duly executed notice, before they can obtain improvements permit. In some states or countries, the law related to home improvement project can be quite strict and any failure to comply may result in significant financial issues.

When the construction phase has started, homeowners may obtain “notices to owner” from suppliers and sub-contractors. This is a warning from other parties to the owner that payments need to be made. It is something that homeowners need to consider, because they could end up getting legal problems due to this condition. In some cases, penalties can also be incurred to homeowners, if the same things apply to any late delivery of materials and late completion of the project. The procedure is needed to avoid possible legal problems, such as liability related to double payments.

Once the work is completed, homeowners should obtain the following documents:

  • Final release of lien from all the subcontractors, suppliers and the main contractor.
  • At least one copy of the certificate of completion. This can be obtained when the final work has been properly inspected and approved by the local authority.
  • Notice of termination. This document terminates the previous notice of commencement.
  • Copies of all warranties, including from the main contractor, sub-contractors and suppliers.

By following the above steps, homeowners will be protected from possible legal-related problems. If s contractor refuses to comply to these steps, then homeowners can choose other contractors.

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