How To Avoid The Biggest JEE Blunders

Appearing for the JEE examinations? Well there are certain blunders that a large number of students make while preparing and attempting the exams. If you wish to fare well and get excellent results in the exams, you definitely need to avoid certain mistakes. Today we will discuss how you can avoid the biggest JEE blunders.

Study The Syllabus Of Class 11 Well

After completing their standard 10 board examinations, most students tend to avoid taking standard 11 seriously. They tend to slack and avoid putting in sincere efforts and hard work. Doing this can prove to be extremely costly. What most students don’t realise is that the Class 11 syllabus is very similar to the syllabus of the JEE mains. Dedicated studies in Class 11 will increase the chances of you scoring well in your JEE examinations and reduce the number of hours you need to spend studying for the exams. So do not make the mistake of taking it easy in class 11, ensure that you study properly and dedicatedly throughout the year.

Study From Selected Books Only

Another huge blunder that a lot of students who are appearing for JEE make is that they refer to an unlimited number of text books to study for the exams. This is absolutely unnecessary and will not prove to be of any help. Now we don’t mean that you can complete studying the entire syllabus with just one text book but don’t study from too many text books either. The NCERT books are highly recommended for students appearing for the JEE examinations. Ensure that you study the NCERT books from cover to cover. Besides the NCERT books you can probably select one or two other text books to study from.

Solving The Numerical Is Essential

Simply studying and revising is not enough for you to fare well in the JEE examinations. A lot of students often make the mistake of just studying the chapters a couple of times and consider that those chapters as completed. A chapter is never complete until the student has not completed solving the numerical given at the end of the chapter. This is absolutely essential if the student wishes to fare well and get a good score in the JEE examinations.

Not Having A Proper Plan Or Time Table

Another blunder that a lot of students who are appearing for the JEE exams make is that they do not make a proper study plan and follow the same. It’s not possible for any student, no matter how brilliant, to complete the entire syllabus in a short period of time. Completing the JEE syllabus requires time and proper planning. So make a time table and ensure that you stick to it. Complete whatever you have chalked out for the day and don’t keep putting it away for the next day. Avoiding this mistake will get you a better score in the exams.

Don’t Give Up Before Trying

A lot of students get so intimidated with the syllabus of Class 11 that as soon as they attempt to start studying for JEE, they give up. The syllabus for JEE and class 11 is without a doubt going to be harder than what you studied in standard 10 but that’s no reason to give up without attempting the exam. The life of an IIT student is not exactly simple and stress free. You will be required to work hard constantly and sincerely. The JEE advanced syllabus and main syllabus is hard and you have to put in your most dedicated efforts to succeed.

So even when you’re studying the JEE advanced syllabus, and have completed your JEE advanced registration and received the JEE advanced admit card, keep in mind these blunders and avoid making them. Once you have understood how to study for the JEE exams without making any blunders, the preparation period and the exams will both go smoothly.

Also keep in mind that your studying capacity is different from your peers. If they can finish 8 chapters in a day, you maybe only able to finish 6. Don’t make the mistake of succumbing to peer pressure. Follow a study pattern that best suits your capabilities.