Common Hypes in Lawyer Advertising

Advertising often has plenty of attractive messages and in many cases, they can be quite misleading. One of them is the combined experience numbers. Lawyer firms often tout triple-digit years of combined experience. This is a clever attempt to magnify their overall credentials. People who are looking for lawyers with significant experience could be fooled easily. By using the combined figure, it is possible for lawyer firms to sound grander than they should. In many cases, it is the same thing with seeing an ant with a magnifying glass. They may look might, scary monster up close; but they are actually small. Advertising messages often include a laundry list of available services that these lawyers provide. However, we should be aware of the problem associated with Jack of all trades, because he is master of none. It means that the firm is not fully specialized for our unique case.

Lawyer firms may offer this to people who look for the one-stop shopping legal service. In this case, the firm promises that they can easily handle multiple matters. In this case, it is important to ask whether lawyers are able to handle anything related to this area. We should know how much they have practiced to this area. Lawyers should also have enough experience in this area. If possible, we should be able to obtain client testimonials related to this. For this reason, we should think carefully before deciding whether it’s worthwhile to seek out a firm that provides such a wide range of services. Alternatively, we could choose a much more specialized legal service to full handle our problem. Another thing that lawyer firms often state in their marketing materials is that they are bigger than the competition. However, we should know that bigger isn’t always better.

Common Hypes in Lawyer Advertising

In many cases, we could find that smaller lawyer firms are more attentive and sensitive to our requirements. They may have fewer clients that they handle at any given time. In this case, we will obtain better overall recognition. In this case, size is not a relevant factor. The most important factor is that we are better managed by these legal professionals. In many cases, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Cheapest services are often not the best. But, often, it is possible that something that costs a lot more isn’t always better. Obviously, it is unlikely that we would choose the cheapest doctor if we want to get our illness treated. We should get the most knowledgeable, smartest, most attentive and best doctor. This should also apply when we are looking for legal services. In this case, cost could become a legitimate factor. In fact, cost should be placed in lower priority compared to client satisfaction, reputation, experience and real capability.

Considering the above factors, we shouldn’t choose legal services only based on their marketing messages. This is important, because all lawyers aren’t equal and they could provide different level of service quality.

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